S5750M-30X-P-SI L3 10G PoE Routing Switch

S5750M-30X-P-SI L3 10G PoE Routing Switch

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 S5750M-30X-P-SI full 2.5G routing PoE switch provides high availability, scalability, security, energy efficiency, and ease of operation with rich features such as VSF(Virtualized Switching Framework), IEEE 802.3at/ IEEE 802.3bt and redundant power supplies. It is ideal for WiFi6 AP access scenes in campus networks.

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S5750M-30X-P-SI full 2.5G routing PoE switch provides high availability, scalability, security, energy efficiency, and ease of operation with rich features such as VSF(Virtualized Switching Framework), IEEE 802.3at/ IEEE 802.3bt and redundant power supplies. It is ideal for WiFi6 AP access scenes in campus networks.

Key Features and Highlights

Ready for Wi-FI 6

S5750M-30X-P-SI has 24 2.5Gbps ports and also supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), including PoE+ and 60W PoE. Certainly it is good for 802.11ac and 802.11ax wireless LAN applications and helps you avoid having to run multiple cables between switches and access points and let your networks welcome next-generation traffic speeds and data rates.

Carrier-class reliability

S5750M-30X-P-SI provides 4 10 Gigabit and also 2 40G uplink ports which could be designed to offer redundant uplinks with various ring protection applications, effectively raised the expansibility and performance of the network.

S5750M-30X-P-SI supports redundant hot-swappable power supplies and built-in lightning protection technology. All the ports provides 8KV-10KV lightning protection capability which greatly reduces the damage rate of equipment from lightning.

G.8032 provides sub-50ms protection and recovery switching for Ethernet traffic in a carrier ring topology.

VSF (Virtual Switch Framework)

Virtual Switch Framework can virtualize multiple DCN switches into one logical device, achieving the sharing of information and data tables between different switches. The performance and ports density of virtualized devices is greatly enlarged by times under VSF. VSF also simplifies management work for the network administrator and provides more reliability.

Rich L3 Features

S5750M-30X-P-SI delivers high-performance, hardware-based IP routing, RIP, OSPF, and BGP provide dynamic routing by exchanging routing information with other Layer 3 switches and routers. With S5750M-30X-P-SI, customers could easily achieve Policy-based Route (PBR), which is important when they need a multi exit application.

Strong Multicast

S5750M-30X-P-SI supports abundant multicast features. In Layer 2, such as IGMPv1/v2/v3 snooping and fast leave. L3 multicast protocols such as IGMPv1/v2/v3, PIM-DM, PIM-SM, PIM-SSM, and even MSDP. With Multicast VLAN Register (MVR), multicast receiver/sender control and illegal multicast source detect functions; S5750M-30X-P-SI provides a great application experience for the customer.

Comprehensive QoS

With 8 queues per port, S5750M-30X-P-SI enable differentiated management of up to 8 traffic types. The traffic is prioritized according to IEEE802.1p, DSCP, IP precedence, and TCP/UDP port number, giving optimal performance to real-time applications such as voice and video.

S5750M-30X-P-SI also supports Bi-directional rate-limiting, per port or traffic class preserves network bandwidth, and allows full control of network resources.

Abundant IPv6 Support

S5750M-30X-P-SI supports IPv6 switching and routing based on hardware for maximum performance. With increased network devices growing the need for larger addressing and higher security become critical, S5750M-30X-P-SI will be the right product to meet this requirement.




Physical port

24 x 100/1000M/2.5GBaseT + 4 x 10GE(SFP+) + 2 x 40G(QSFP+)


Management port

100/1000M BaseT RJ45 Ethernet Management port

Console port (RJ45)

Reset port

USB2.0 interface


Switching Capacity


Forwarding Rate


MAC Address 32K
Routing Table


L3 Interface

Max 1K


Dimension (W*H*D) 440mm*44mm*380mm
Relative Humidity 5%~95% non-condensing
Temperature Working 0°C~45°C, storage -40°C~75°C
Power Supply 2 power slots, 1+1 Modular Redundant (standard with 1 AC)

IEEE 802.3af (15.4W)

IEEE 802.3at (30W)

IEEE 802.3bt (60W) (the first 8 ports)

Total PoE power: 530W(1 PSU) or 1060W(2 PSUs)

Main Features

L1, L2 Features

IEEE802.3(10Base-T), IEEE802.3u(100Base-TX), IEEE802.3z(1000BASE-X), IEEE802.3ab(1000Base-T), IEEE 802.3bz(2.5GBase-T), IEEE802.3ae(10GBase), IEEE802.3x, IEEE802.3ak(10GBASE-CX4), IEEE802.3ba(40GBASE-X)

Port loopback detectionLLDP and LLDP-MEDUDLDIEEE 802.3ad LACP, max 128 group trunks with max 8 ports for each trunk

LACP load balance

ERPS (G.8032)

N:1 Port Mirroring





Root Guard

BPDU Guard

BPDU Tunnel

IEEE 802.1Q, 4096 VLAN

MAC VLAN, Voice VLAN, PVLAN, Protocol VLAN, Multicast VLAN

QinQ, Selective QinQ, Flexible QinQ


N:1 VLAN Translation

Broadcast / Multicast / Unicast Storm Control

IGMP v1/v2/v3 Snooping and L2 QueryND Snooping

MLDv1/v2 Snooping

Port Security

Flow Control: HOL, IEEE802.3xBandwidth Control
L3 Features Static Routing, RIPv1/v2, OSPFv2, BGP4OSPFv3, BGP4+OSPF multiple processesPolicy-based routing (PBR) for IPv4 and IPv6VRRPURPF,ECMPBFD
IGMP v1/v2/v3, IGMP Proxy,DVMRP, PIM-DM, PIM-SM, PIM-SSM, Anycast RP, MSDPStatic Multicast RouteMulticast Receive ControlIllegal Multicast Source Detect
ARP Guard, Local ARP proxy, Proxy ARP, ARP Binding, Gratuitous ARP, ARP LimitAnti ARP Cheat, Anti ARP Scan
DNS Client, DNS Relay
ICMPv6, ND, DNSv6IPv6 Policy-based Routing (PBR)IPv6 VRRPv3, IPv6 URPF, IPv6 RARIPng, OSPFv3, BGP4+MLD Snooping, IPv6 Multicast VLANMLDv1/v2, PIM-SM/DM for IPv6, IPv6 Anycast RP, IPv6 ACL, IPv6 QoS
QoS 8 QueuesSP, WRR, SWRR, WDRR, SWDRRWREDTraffic Classification Based on 802.1p COS, ToS, DiffServ DSCP, ACL, port numberTraffic PolicingPRI Mark/Remark
ACL IP ACL, MAC ACL, IP-MAC ACLStandard and Expanded ACL Based on source/destination IP or MAC, IP Protocol, TCP/UDP port, DSCP, ToS, IP Precedence), VLAN, Tag/Untag, CoSRedirect and StatisticsRules can be configured to port, VLANTime Ranged ACL
Security IEEE 802.1x AAAPort, MAC-based authenticationAccounting based on time length and trafficGuest VLAN and auto VLAN
RADIUS for IPv4 and IPv6
TACACS+ for IPv4 and IPv6
DHCPv4/v6 DHCP Server/Client for IPv4/IPv6DHCP Relay/Option 82DHCP Snooping/Option 82
Traffic Monitor sFlow Traffic Analysis
Security Network Management CLI, WEB, Telnet, SNMPv1/v2c/v3 through IPv4 and IPv6Syslog and external Syslog ServerHTTP SSLSNMP MIB, SNMP TRAPFTP/TFTPSNTP/NTPRMOM 1,2,3,9Authentication by Radius/TACACSSSH v1/v2Dual firmware images/ Configuration files802.3ah OAM, 802.1ag OAM
Data Center Features VSF (Virtual Switch Framework)


Gigabit access with 10G uplink in a campus network

Ideal switch to support access points, cameras. IEEE 802.3bt ready for Wi-Fi 6

S5750M-30X-P-SI application

Order Information



S5750M-30X-P-SI Full 2.5G PoE Ethernet Routing Switch, 24 x 100/1000M/2.5G BaseT + 4 x 10GE(SFP+) + 2 x 40G(QSFP+) ports, modular power (2 power modules at most, 1+1 redundancy. Standard with 1 AC power module), up to 1060W for PoE(2 PSUs)
M5750-AC-B AC power supply, 600W, fit for S5750M-30X-P-SI
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