Yirendai company in Beijing Golden Center

Customer Profile

Beijing Golden Center dominates the east of Beijing Chang An Avenue, the heart of the Central Business District. The Golden Center comprises two international standard Grade A offices and a commercial center with a spacious display next to Chang An Avenue. Construction area of 20,000 square meters commercial center, the basement and one connected to the subway, the ground three from 108 meters long, 18 meters high all-glass structure of the atrium Lobby Office Block A / Block B as a whole . Up to 168 meters of Beijing Golden Center Commercial Complex, hired by the international senior architect SOM and landscape designer EDAW carefully designed, uphold the developers to pursue high-quality development concept, become Beijing’s Central Business District and smart business new landmark East Chang An Avenue.

Yirendai (NYSE: YRD) is China’s online financial services platform, launched by Yixin company in 2012. Loans through the Internet, big data and other scientific and technological means, for the Chinese urban white-collar workers to provide credit loan advisory services, and through the “Yirendai” online platform for investors to provide financial advisory services. On December 18, 2015, Yirendai successfully listed on the NYSE in the United States and became the first overseas listed internet finance company in China.

Due to the rapid development of business, Yirendai needs a new office building to meet the requirement of rapid expansion of employees. Finally they choose Golden Center.


Customer Demand

As a new office area, customer need full network construction, include wired network and WiFi network, detailed requirement is as below:

For WiFi:

—-High density coverage, total users is more than 1000

—-Fast roaming, compatible all terminals, such as smart phone, laptop, packets loss is less than 3 when roam

—-High redundancy

—-802.1x authentication, compatible with 3rd party server

For wired network:

—-Provide wired access for more than 500 users

—-802.1x authentication, compatible with 3rd party server

—-High performance high redundancy, use port-channel to connect all switches

—-High redundancy for core switch, fast switching and load balance

For network management system

—-Monitor the status for all devices, include switches, APs, AC, etc

—-Monitor the status for other vendor device, such as Huawei

DCN Solution

Regarding the wired network, we choose DCN High performance chassis switch DCRS-7608E series as the core layer switch, provide full 10G communication, with DCN virtualization technology – VSF, could provide high performance high reliability core solution, at the aggregation layer, we choose full L3 box switch CS6200 series, it will provide 10G aggregation, at the access layer, we choose L3- cost-effective box switch S5750E series, it will provide 1G access, 802.1x authentication and provide POE power for wireless APs.

Regarding the WiFi network, we choose 802.11ac high performance indoor access point – WL8200-I2, it will provide high bandwidth WiFi access and suitable for high density scene. And we choose smart cost-effective wireless controller – DCWS-6002 to provide unified configuration and management for the wireless APs.

Regarding the network management system, we choose DCN DCLM-INMP system, as a comprehensive network management platform, it will provide monitor, alarm for all the devices, include switches, APs, ACs, etc. And also it will compatible with other vendor device, such as Huawei, Cisco, etc, it will provide unified monitor and management for all devices in customer side.

DCN Solution Highlights

—802.11ac standard WiFi access, provide high performance WiFi access

—802.1x standard support, compatible with 3rd party radius server

—600+ users, 1000+ terminals, with multiple RF technology, such as Airmatch, load-balance, Fair-time, etc, provide High quality WiFi experience in the high density environment

—Fast roaming technology could provide seamless roaming for customer

—There are many Apple laptops in customer side, DCN band-steering technology could guide the laptop to connect 5G WiFi firstly, avoid to use 2.4G WiFi for 2.4G is much more crowded

—With N+1 redundancy mechanism for ACs and AP escape mechanism, DCN solution provides a high reliable WiFi which will never offline

—With DCN VSF technology, DCN solution provides high performance and high reliable wired network

—As a comprehensive NMS, DCN DCLM make customer could just use one system to provide unified management and monitor for all the devices in customer side

After co-operate with DCN, the director of IT department of Yirendai said :” We are happy to co-operate with DCN, DCN’s solution give us a high performance high reliability network, and with the DCLM, the network is easy to be managed and easy to be maintained.”

Related Product

DCRS-7608E10-Slot Chassis Core Routing Switch(2+1 power supply redundancy,  Standard with 1 MRS-PWR-B1-AC-B,  3 hot-pluggable fan trays. No management module,  )
CS6200-28X-HI-24F10G Advance Enhanced Datacenter L3 Switch (16* GbE Combo (SFP/RJ45) + 8*100/1000Base-X(SFP) + 4*10GbE(SFP+) + 2*20GbE Stacking Port) ,  Redundant and modular Design,  High performance. Default with no power,  support MPLS. Power support AC,  DC, AC+AC, DC+DC, AC+DC
S5750E-28X-P-SIL3-  10G POE Access Switch (24*10/100/1000Base-T + 4*10GbE (SFP+)),  AC power,  POE+,  POE Power Consumption 370W, Stacking
WL-8200-I2(R2)802.11n+802.11ac Wave 2  indoor enhanced AP (2.4GHz & 5GHz dual mode dual band, 2*2, fat/fit, PoE 15.4W, default no power adapter),  could be managed by DCN AP controller
DCWS-6002DCN Access Controller, (default with 16 units AP license, support controlling max. 128 units AP, support 64 units AC clustering, support 1+1, N+1, N+N redundancy),  2*10/100/1000Base-T ports, 1 console port.
 DCLM-INMPNetwork management system(Integrated network management platform ) R2.1 standard version, include 10 nodes test license (5 wired device and 5 WiFi device)