Triple Play Access Network for Moratelindo

The Challenge
As an internet service provider, Moratelindo was facing a big challenge from the fast increased requirement from customer, integrated services of IPTV, VoIP and internet,  reliability of network, user binding control. The original web-smart switches in use showed the disadvantage in several aspects,  and caused more complaint and potential customer loss. “It is time to make some change or to wait to die” Said Nurhayatul Arifin, Assistance Manager of Moratelindo.
The main point of Moratelindo met is Triple Play service, which is combined with IPTV, VoIP and Internet in the same network. It is a marketing term for the provisioning of two bandwidth-intensive services, high-speed Internet access and television, and a less bandwidth-demanding (but more latency-sensitive) service, telephone, over a single broadband connection.  Especially for IPTV service, customer is very sensitive at the packet loss rate.
After rounds of selection, Moratelindo decided to deploy DCS-3950 series to be the new access layer switch.
DCN Solution
DCS-3950 series deployed as the access layer switch,  using MRPP protocol to consist ring protection topology, making a convergence time of 50ms.
With abundant multicast features, Voice Vlan, advanced QoS features and so on, DCS-3950 series effectively separate the data flow of IPTV, VoIP and internet services, and insured the high quantity of different services according to the unique requirements.
And the DHCP snooping and option82, IP source guard helps Moratelindo to monitor the user’s binding to the switch port, which is very important in the implementation of PPPOE+.
After replacing the web-smart switches with DCS-3950 series,  Moratelindo is switching its network into a new generation.  For Moratelindo, they are totally standing at a new level of network services.

DCN Product List

DCN Solution Highlights
Technology to support IPTV, VoIP and Internet in the Same Triple Play Network
Customer oriented high efficient multicast services
User control with DHCP snooping and option82, IP source guard
Redundancy in the ring physical topologies, fast convergence time to 50ms
Chip-based solution to protect network resources from hacker attacks and DOS virus activity
Advanced Quality of Service