Grand Indonesia Shopping Town in Indonesia

Customer Profile

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town (GIST) in Jarkata, Indonesia. A new upscale shopping center with 250,000 m² of high end retail space, need to set up a network which spread upon two buildings, Mall A and the bigger Mall B

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town is spread over two main buildings, the West and East Mall, and is linked by a multi-level bridge. The shopping center is spread over eight levels and is divided into three main districts, Specialty Zone, Main Zone and Crossroads of the World district. After an aggressive renovation the cinema complex of the mall, which sprawls over the eighth floor, CGV introduced the new Sphere X studio at the cinema complex. Arguably, it is the largest Sphere X theater in the whole world, which has a huge curved screen as large as a basketball court at 26 x 14 meters and is compatible with 2D and 3D movies.[3] Grand Indonesia also has a Magic Fountain Show , a fountain of dancing and singing that is performed daily with performances, music, colorful lights and fountain dance.


Customer Demand

Data traffic for NCM, IOS (connect sensing devices, card readers, locking devices etc) and Surveillance (CCTV Surveillance and Digital Video Recording) can be networked together to provide a centralized management control

Modular Chassis Switch which supports hot-swappable redundant power supply, fan, management module and line card Up to 8 slots for line card for future expansion

Different type of interface, including 10/100, 10/100/100 copper,fiber and 10G

DCN Solution

–In the core layer, 4 DCRS-7608 L3 Chassis Switches were deployed in a full-mesh topology to provide backup of each other, ensuring that data traffic for NCM, IOS and Surveillance can always reach the monitoring Server for management

–Different kinds of traffic was grouped in a separate VLAN to avoid interference of each other

–Multiple Spanning Tree was running per VLAN basis , it not only create a loop free network as well as redundant path but also load balancing different traffic in different path to increase performance

–Routing function of L3 Chassis switches enable traffic in different subnet can be reached

DCN Solution Highlights

–In the core layer, 2 DCRS-7608 were deployed in both East and West mall, Server farm was connected to DCRS-7608 in east Mall

–In the distribution layer, 1 DCRS-7604 and multiple S5750E-28X-SI were deployedfor every three floors to aggregate the data received from NCM, IOS, Surveillance system etc which separate in different VLAN

–A full-mesh topology provide backup of each switches ensuring that data traffic for NCM, IOS and Surveillance can always reach the monitoring & management Server.

–DCN’s switch were used for long distance connection between core layer and aggregation layer

switches separated in east, west mall and 8 level floors

Comprehensive QoS

–The data for surveillance camera was classified as high priority so the

DVP PC monitor can have a high quality video display

Enhanced Security

–Management security allow only IT manager can access and manage

the Switches

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DCRS-7608E10-Slot Chassis Core Routing Switch(2+1 power supply redundancy,  Standard with 1 MRS-PWR-B1-AC-B,  3 hot-pluggable fan trays. No management module,  )
DCRS-7604EL3-  10G/Gigabit Access Switch (24*10/100/1000Base-T + 4*10GbE (SFP+)),   AC power, Stacking
S5750E-28X-SIL2 POE Full Gigabit Access Switch(24*10/100/1000Base-T + 4* Gigabit SFP),  AC power,  POE af/at,  370W power