DCN help Huishan Second People’s Hospital build WLAN network

Customer Profile

Established in 1958, Huishan Second People’s Hospital is located in Huishan New Town. The new hospital has a total construction area of 40,000 square meters, 320 inpatient beds and 213 parking spaces with a total investment of about 200 million RMB. The hospital has 326 existing medical staff. There are 23 clinical departments including Emergency Department, Department of Critical Care Medicine, Cardiology, Respiratory Medicine, Neurology, etc.

Customer Demand

With the construction of the new campus, it is necessary to establish powerful medical information management systems (such as HIS, PACS, etc.). But due to the limitations of wired networks, the system is restricted to play a greater role. For this reason, the new zone of the hospital was decided to build a wireless network, completely breaking this limitation.

üReliability and security

Since medical services information is carried by wireless network, and this kind of information is closely related to the vital signs of the patients, errors are not allowed to occur on the wireless. the wireless also requires the reliability and security provided by the wired network.

üPerformance and QoS

Wireless networks require high performance and strong quality of service, PACSand video surveillance must be able to run quickly and smoothly

DCN Solution

üThe wired network

We chose 2 layers of network structure for the customer.

At core layer, we chose 2 units of DCRS-7608E, high performance chassis switch, as core switches. It provides 10G connection to aggregation devices. VSF, virtual switching framework, was running on them to provide core device redundancy.

At access layer, we chose PoE switch S5750E-28X-P-S which connects up to the core swtich DCRS-7608E by 10G fiber, down to AP by 1G twisted pair. PoE powering was chosen because it can reduce the cost of power wiring, reduce the construction complexity.

üThe wireless network

Wireless controller used 2 unit of DCWS-6028 to provide AC 1+1 backup and unified management for all the APs. 802.11ac high performance indoor access point – WL8200-I2 was chosen to coverage the Corridor area, it will provide high bandwidth WiFi access and suitable for high density scene. In-wall access point WL8200-W2 was chosen to coverage the hospital wards rooms and office.


For network management, the DCLM is used to monitor status of all the equipments including switches, AC and APs.

Topology of Wuxi Yanqiao hospital wireless business network





Topology of Wuxi Yanqiao hospital wireless broadband network


DCN Solution Highlights

High Reliability

üAC 1+1 backup.

DCN AC redundancy mechanism ensures continuity of wireless user business.  The flow of information won’t be interrupted at all In case of a single point of failure.

üFast link fault detection mechanism

Combined with the WLAN dual-link connection mechanism, when the active AC fails, the backup AC can detect and implement active-standby link switching in milliseconds.

High Security

üWIDS (Wireless Intrusion Detection System) and WIPS (Wireless Intrusion Prevention System)

DCN wireless system implements early detection of malicious user attacks and intrusion of wireless networks. And then according to test results, intruder AP, clients and other intruders will be taken into control to ensure wireless network security.

üBlack-white list

Most sources of attack are unknown, so DCN adopts “combining static and dynamic” as an all-around technical feature that defends the network environment. IDS Attack Detection Prevents this flood attack by constantly monitoring the amount of traffic per device.

übuilt-in control strategy

Control strategy based on 5 elements group include rich and comprehensive policy rules based on MAC, IP, port, protocol, and flow.

High performance and Enhanced QoS

üDiffServ module

When the network is congested, according to the different service level agreement of the business, control and forward traffic flow differently to solve the congested problem.

üAirControl Technology

Both wireless data transmission and wireless terminal access are performed in the air. The control and management of wireless access is much more difficult than that of wired access. As an expert of wireless technologies, DCN has developed the DCWS-OS software platform, and raised eight AirControl features, so as to exercise optimal control, scheduling, and management of wireless data and terminal access in the air, thereby bringing the same experience as with a wired network to users.

Related Product

DCRS-7608E10-Slot Chassis Core Routing Switch(2+1 power supply redundancy,  Standard with 1 MRS-PWR-B1-AC-B,  3 hot-pluggable fan trays. No management module )
MRS-PWR-AC-BAC Power Supply (500W) for DCRS-7608E and DCRS-7604E
MRS-7608E-M2DCRS-7608E Management Module,  Version II,  MPLS supported.
MRS-7600E-4XS16GX8GBDCRS-7600E Series Interface Module,   4*10GbE(SFP+) + 16*GbE Combo (SFP/RJ45) + 8*100/1000Base-X(SFP),  Wire-Speed,  IPv6 supported
S5750E-28X-P-SIL3-  10G POE Access Switch (24*10/100/1000Base-T + 4*10GbE (SFP+)),  AC power,  POE+,  POE Power Consumption 370W, Stacking
DCWS-6028(R2)DCN Intelligent Access Controller(default with 32 units AP license, support controlling max. 1024 AP, support 1+1, N+1, N+N redundancy)), 16*GbE Combo(SFP/RJ45)+8*1000M SFP ports+4*10GbE SFP+ ports, two modular power, default with one AC power.
WL-8200-I2(R2)802.11n+802.11ac Wave 2  indoor enhanced AP (2.4GHz & 5GHz dual mode dual band, 2*2, fat/fit, PoE 15.4W, default no power adapter),  could be managed by DCN AP controller
WL-8200-W2DCN 802.11ac indoor high power in-wall wireless AP (2.4GHz and 5.8GHz dual band, 2*2 for 2.4G and 5.G.  Max. 1167Mbps, internal antenna. FIT/FAT. Support 4 ports 100M/1000M Base-T downlink ports, support 1 port Giga uplink port and 1 ports Giga passthrough port (support dual giga uplink), support 802.3af POE power in and AC power in. (default no AC power adapter, default no POE module)),  could be managed by DCN AP controller
DCLM-INMPNetwork management system (Integrated network management platform) R2.1 standard version, include 10 nodes test license (5 wired device and 5 WiFi device)