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The China Yangling Agricultural High-tech Achievements Exhibition is a 5A-level agricultural exhibition in China. It is one of the four major agriculture exhibitions supported by the Chinese government and is honored as the Olympic Games in China’s agricultural field. It is held annually in Yangling, Shaanxi Province.

During the 22nd Exhibition, more than 1,000 exhibitors from over 20 countries and regions, 1.5 million attendees and nearly 1,000 medias participated in the event, with volume exceeding 100 billion RMB.

Starting from the 22nd Exhibition, DCN began to provide wireless network access for the Fair, providing safe, fast and stable network application experience for the exhibitors and attendees.

There are totally 3 exhibition halls in exhibition, covering an area of about 80,000 square meters. The WIFI coverage includes the inside and outside of the hall. The A, B and C Museum is the main exhibition hall, their roof height is 15 to 20 meters. Each exhibition hall can accommodate more than 12000 people.

Customer Demand

1 100% wireless coverage inside of all the exhibition halls.

2 The square outside of the exhibition hall need wireless coverage

3 All the exhibition hall need high density coverage to ensure that all attendees can connect to the internet.

4 The attendees can connect to exhibition home page by scanning the WeChat QR code, and pass the authentication by following the exhibitors’ WeChat public number. The exhibitors’ AD could be push up to attendees after authentication.

5 Redundant AC backup.

6 Monitor the status for all devices, include switches, APs, ACs, etc

DCN Solution

The core layer uses two units of DCRS-9800, enable VSF function to provide redundant and stable network core. Wireless controller uses two units of DCWS-8504, the two DCWS-8504 back up each other and share the load.

At the network exit deployed one DCFW-1800E-N8410, which is a firewall and is configured with anti-virus, IPS, attack protection and other security policies.

At each exhibition hall deployed one CS6200-28X-HI-24F, which connect to the DCWS-9800 by 10G fiber.

The access switch is S4600-28P-P-SI, which connects up to the CS6200-28X-HI-24F by 1G fiber, down to AP by 1G twisted pair. It supply power to APs through its PoE port.

Inside the exhibition hall the WL8200-I3 indoor AP is used, the WL8200-I3 has 1.77G bandwidth. All indoor APs is ceiling mounted, with a square matrix arrangement, the distance between the adjacent AP is about 20 meters.

WL8200-IT2 is used for the outdoor square coverage, it has 1.19G bandwidth and equipped with omnidirectional antenna. The outdoor AP is column held or wall hung.

For network management, the DCLM is used for monitor all the equipment, including switches ACs and Aps.

The authentication is done through the DICC( DCN Intelligent Cloud Center), which is deployed in the cloud. The authentication method is WeChat.


DCN Solution Highlights

—802.11ac standard WiFi access, provide high performance WiFi access

—Portal authentication cooperation with DICC, can push customize web page for exhibitors

—High-density and high-capacity wireless access, there are total more 30,000 attendees at the same time in the three exhibition halls. There are about 60,000 attendees connect to wireless network and pass authentication each day. Multiple RF technology, such as Airmatch, load-balance, Fair-time, etc, are used to provide High quality WiFi experience。

—Fast roaming technology could provide seamless roaming for customer

—With N+1 redundancy mechanism for ACs and AP escape mechanism, DCN solution provides a high reliable WiFi which will never offline

—With DCN VSF technology, DCN solution provides high performance and high reliable wired network

—As a comprehensive NMS, DCN DCLM make customer could just use one system to provide unified management and monitor for all the devices in customer side

The DCN solution has been highly recognized by the organizers and exhibitors. The performance of DCN’s single WL8200-I3 and WL8200-IT2 products is highly stable. Combined with the optimization of load balancing, fast roaming, radio optimization, intelligent adjustment and time sharing, DCN ensures that all attendees have smooth mobile access. The successful deployment of such a complex, large-scale Exhibition scenario gives DCN even more confidence to meet higher challenges.


Equipment List

Equipment list