DCN become one of approved industrial switch vendors for Turkey Police Department

Customer Profile

The Turkish Republic (Turkish: Türkiye Cumhuriyeti, English: The Republic of Turkey), or Turkey for short, is a country that spans Europe and Asia. Its geographic location and geopolitical strategic significance are extremely important. It is the crossroads connecting Europe and Asia.

In order to improve the security and promptly deal with urgent issues in a timely manner, the Turkish Police Department has taken various measures to improve the security. The deployment of a large number of surveillance cameras is one of these methods. At present, the Turkish Police Department has deployed more than 10,000 cameras throughout the country, and continues to deploy more cameras. As a result, the demand for industrial-grade switches continues to grow.

Customer Demand

Turkey has a very large land area and a rich climate type. The coastal area has a subtropical Mediterranean climate. The inland plateau is relatively arid, transitioning to savannah and desert climates. In some regions, the minimum temperature can reach minus twenty to thirty degrees. In some areas, the high temperature reaches forty. Above this, in some areas, there are more cloudy and rainy days in summer, and the average humidity can reach 70%-80%. This complex and varied climate also puts high demands on the adaptability of industrial-grade switches, such as waterproof, dustproof, and wide temperature working environments.

At present, the Turkish Police Department has deployed more than 10,000 cameras. These cameras are used to send data back through the purchase of an operator’s link. Each camera transmits video at a rate of 5 M. Therefore, the police station has 8 police stations. The camera purchased 40M of bandwidth, but in practical applications, due to the burst nature of the monitoring data, when multiple surveillance areas of the police station watch the surveillance video at the same time, there will be a congestion conflict that will cause the video to freeze or have a mosaic. The Bureau knows that the purchase of higher-bandwidth operators’ links can solve this problem, but it is constrained by budgetary issues and the police station cannot afford such an investment. This problem has caused the police station to be troubled.

DCN Solution

DCN’s next-generation industrial switch, the IS2100D series, is designed specifically for industrial applications. With an IP40 protection rating and an ultra-wide working temperature of -40°C to 85°C, it is suitable for working in very harsh environments. The metal shell of the high-strength folded structure can shield electromagnetic interference, resist vibration/impact, and can also be used as a heat sink. No fan design can prevent dust accumulation and reduce fan failure points. With these, the IS2100D can provide reliable network access solutions for special industrial environments, such as high temperature, full dust or strong electromagnetic interference. Din-rail or wall mount designs provide convenient deployment for industrial sites. Redundant DC power input is useful for engineers’ emergency maintenance.

The IS2100D series of manageable Din-rail industrial switches feature a store-and-forward mode, an integrated high-performance switching engine that is fully compliant with the IEEE802.3/IEEE802.3u standard, and provides non-blocking wire-speed forwarding. At the same time provide a wealth of QoS features, providing traffic shaping can effectively address the needs of the Turkish police.


DCN Solution Highlights

Ø2+4, 2+8, 4+10 ports, Layer 2, manageable

ØSupport 802.3af/at PoE output

ØDin-rail installation, IP40 protection class

ØIndustrial fanless design, aluminum fold design

ØDual 48V DV Power input

After testing, DCN’s traffic shaping can make the video stream run more smoothly. At the same time, it can also adjust the size of traffic bursts through configuration. It effectively solves the problem of police station video stalls and mosaics, and it is used by agents and police station customers. Highly recognized, along with cisco, extreme shortlisted police department’s purchase list.

Our Turkish partner Akgun Inceoglu/Koptek LTD was very satisfied with the results of this test. He said: “Two days ago I was in the Capitol of Turkey, in the Police Department Head Office in the ministry of internal affairs and IS2100D-2GF8GT-P Was tested in real environment of city surveillance system. And the result is great!!! And port shaping is tested, the traffic is stable. The latency is always the same and the flow is great. We now have big chance to sell in big Quantity and the first order will be 500 pcs. DCN being approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs will bring DCN well known and accepted in many other projects as well for commercial products also like Cisco and Extreme. You can be proud of that !!! ”

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