WS6000-M500P6 Intelligent Integrated Wireless Controller

WS6000, independently developed by Yunke China Information Technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as DCN), is an all-in-one wireless controller series product which integrates authentication, network management and wireless control, featuring easy management, convenient maintenance, large capacity and high performance. This series product is customized for multi-branch organizations, general education metropolitan area networks and companies in lack of IT management, together with DCN intelligent wireless APs, switches, gateways and other network equipment, to provide users with deployable, maintainable and expandable network applications. With the brand-new desktop operation interface and design style, WS6000 is simple to operate and easy to maintain and deploy, which has well satisfied companies’ requirements for simple, expandable and highly available WLAN network management. WS6000 not only provides companies with lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), but also enriches business management capabilities, including organization management, user management, user authentication, data statistics, equipment management and other function modules, as well as monitoring, control and RF optimization in respect of WLAN network management;

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General Details
WS6000, independently developed by Yunke China Information Technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as DCN), is an all-in-one wireless controller series product which integrates authentication, network management and wireless control, featuring easy management, convenient maintenance, large capacity and high performance. This series product
Product Features
  • Integrating Authentication and Network Management

WS6000 is an all-in-one cloud management platform which integrates authentication, network management and wireless control, featuring easy management, convenient maintenance, large capacity and high performance. This platform can implement network wireless equipment management, organization management, user account management and authorization, data collection and real-time control as well as carry out various network strategies, turning the whole education network into a network easy to deploy, maintain and expand.

  • High Performance

Based on the high-efficient dual-core operating system and multi-core CPU platform, the Platform can offer industry-leading high-performance service process module and business interface and satisfy high requirements on bandwidth uniformly borne by multi-service processing; the overall unit is capable of management of 512 APs and 1500 concurrent users, able to satisfy the needs for campus network of a single primary or secondary school;

  • Linear Scalability of Function

Function module can be scaled in a linear manner in accordance with manager’s demands and may vary with the management plan of managers at different levels.

Green Man-machine Interaction

  • Intuitive Interface Operation

With an intuitive web interface design, WS6000 can assist an administrator in user management, organization structure management, equipment management, administrator management, authentication setting and network configuration.

  • Function Modularization

Function modules are scientifically designed that they have high independence with a weak inter-module coupling, easy for user to understand and operate.

  • Windows Style Design

The operation interface is a Windows-style one which is easy for operating. With densely packed functions, it is easy to understand and operate, facilitating users with fast installation and convenient use.


User-friendly Industry Management Features

  • Easy to Deploy, Manage and Maintain

The wireless AP can realize plug-and-play function, and the AP zero configuration as well as the management, control and configuration of AP equipment are conducted by the platform; thus there is no need for network management personnel to independently manage and maintain a large quantity of wireless AP, and all configuration, firmware upgrading and security strategy updating actions can be finished via wireless controller, help administrators realize fast deployment of wireless equipment.

With various figures in the system, the administrator can clearly understand and maintain network state, network configuration of pages, organization structure configuration, use state statistics, fault diagnosis and alarms for better management and maintenance of wireless network.

  • Centralized Management and Hierarchical Deployment

In combination of ImCloud management platform, WS6000 is capable of providing hierarchical management based on organization structure and adopts centralized management and hierarchical deployment for a network of a total-fractional structure.

The headquarter can implement centralized monitoring for network equipment,

wireless user and network state of branch units by means of established organization structure, and uniformly carry out configuration of overall wireless network, uniform upgrading of overall equipment, unified authentication of user identity and issuance of authentication page.

The management level can be set up depending on different organization structures and classified by the headquarter administrator.

  • Decentralized Management

To reduce management stress of the headquarter, all functions are subjected to decentralized management. The headquarter administrator shall designate function management authority of various branch administrators by the headquarter administrator to realize centralized supervision while the branches are able to independently view and edit local network and users.

Server and the  local authentication of wireless users is easily accessible, resulting in both simplified network deployment and reduced network construction cost.

  • Perception-free authentication and Enhanced User Experience

A wireless user perception-free authentication is built in it: After the first successful authentication, no authentication interface will appear when the user logs in next time, thus omitting repeated input of account number and password; meanwhile, the system can automatically and intelligently recognize user identity to guarantee network safety; besides, it is efficient and flexible with the authentication–free duration being subject to different requirements.

  • Flexible Visitor Management

The perfect built-in visitor management system has fully taken the industry demand of users into account and customized rich, convenient and safe visitor management mechanisms accordingly.

  • Authentication of Authorized QR Code

Fast account opening for office visitor; visitors can log in by QR code scanning

  • Authentication of Meeting QR Code

Fast opening of wireless network for a large number of participants at one time; participants can log in by QR code scanning.

  • SMS Authentication

To log in via SMS verification code, used for the floating population to open a temporary account

Perfect Wireless Network Features

  • Intelligent RF Management

WS600 can adjust the automatic power and channel by optimizing RF coverage with specialized RF inspection and RF management algorithm. When AP signal receives strong signal interference, the system can automatically switch to proper working channel through AP auto switch, to avoid interference and guarantee smooth communication of wireless network; besides, it can also support black-hole compensation of wireless network; when AP stops working accidentally in the network, AC RF management will help compensate for blind spot of signals, securing normal operation of the wireless network

  • Terminal Time Division-based Fair Smart Control

Due to low negotiated-speed of some 802.11b and 802.11g old terminals and or that of terminal far away from AP in the wireless network, a large number of users suffer big delay, low speed and low overall AP performance. Speed control and traffic shaping alone cannot solve the problem against AP performance where low-speed terminals join up. DCN smart wireless AP has solved such problem with fair smart

control based on terminal space-time, so that users can enjoy  good wireless network at the same position no matter which kind of terminal is applied.

  • Balance Mechanism of Smart Workload

Normally, a wireless client chooses AP according to the signal strength, which, with no proper control, inevitably leads to a situation where a certain AP with highest signal strength is overloaded by the large amount of client access. The more clients, the narrower the bandwidth will be for each Client and the worse network the users will have. DCN wireless product can realize flexible smart load balance:

– Support flow-based AP load balance;

– Support user number-based AP load balance;

– Support user number-based AP load balance;

– Support frequency band-based AP load balance;

– Support terminal signal strength-based access control;

– Support user number-based CAC (Call Admission Control) and guarantee terminal access and bandwidth of high-priority application;

– Support forced roam control upon terminal and guide terminal connecting to AP with stronger signal.

  • Full Support for IPv4/v6 Dual-stack Network

WS600 is an inheritor to the primacy of DCN in IPv6. It can be deployed in IPv6 network and an IPv6 channel is formed by automatic negotiation between wireless controller and AP. When the wireless controller and AP are working in IPv6 state, the wireless controller can still correctly identify IPv4 terminal and deal with IPv4 message from wireless clients. Flexible adaptability of IPv4/6 in WS600 wireless controller can satisfy various complex applications in the IPv4 to IPv6 network migration, not only providing clients with IPv4 services in IPv6 network, but also enabling the users to log in IPv4 network via IPv6 protocol.

  • Seamless Roaming of Whole Network

WS600 supports advanced cluster technology of wireless controller and synchronizes all users’ online connection information and roaming records among several sets of WS600 in real time, not only realizing L2/L3 seamless roaming in wireless controllers, but also implementing fast roaming of wireless controllers. During the roaming process, there is no need to change IP information of client terminals or conduct re-authentication, which brings about completely uninterrupted real-time mobile businesses.

Security Guarantee

  • Support wireless intrusion detection and intrusion prevention

WS6000 supports not only illegal wireless equipment detection, intrusion detection, blacklist, white list and other wireless intrusion detection as well as wireless intrusion prevention features, but also anti-DoS attack for various wireless

management messages, enhancing security management of the whole wireless network.

  • Support AP secure access mechanism

AP is generally deployed in public areas, requiring strict security mechanism to guarantee the validity of accessed equipment. The following secure access mechanism is supported between DCN wireless controller and smart wireless AP:

-Support AP MAC address authentication mechanism

-Support AP password authentication mechanism

-Support authentication mechanism of two-way digital certificate;

  • Real-name Audit

Provide standard interface, be able to match with mainstream behavior management products within the industry, satisfy real-name audit requirements stipulated by Order 82 and minimize significant WiFi information security risks.

Operation and Maintenance Statistics

  • Detailed Statistical Report
    Operation and Maintenance Module Extension of Professional Network Management

WS6000 supports the extension of DCLM-INMP integrated network management platform.



Product Specifications

Basic ParametersMaximum Manageable AP Number (set)512
Basic Manageable AP Number (set)16
Built-in Local Authentication Account Number1536
Maximum Concurrent User Number1536
Physical ParametersService Port6 gigabit Ethernet ports
1 Console port (RJ-45);

2 USB 2.0 ports

Management PortStandard 1U, with rack
Power Source ParameterProduct DimensionMaximum Voltage Range: 90V-264V AC; 47- 63Hz


Other ParametersPower Input64G SSD
HardwareDDR4 4G
CPU-40°C -70°C
Operating Temperature5%-90% no condensation





Two-layer Protocol SpecificationIEEE802.3(10Base-T), IEEE802.3u(100Base-TX), IEEE802.3z(1000BASE-X)IEEE802.3ab(1000Base-T), IEEE802.3ae(10GBase-T)

IEEE802.3ak(10GBASE-CX4), IEEE802.1Q(VLAN)



IEEE802.1x(Port Control), IEEE802.3x(flow control)

IEEE802.3ad(LACP), Port Mirror

IGMP Snooping, MLD Snooping


Broadcast Storm Control

Three-layer Protocol SpecificationStatic Routing

RIPv1/v2, OSPF, BGP, VRRP, IGMP v1/v2/v3

ARP, ARP Proxy


Wireless Protocol Specification 802.11, 802.11a, 802.11b,802.11g,802.11n,802.11d,802.11h,802.11i, 802.11e, 802.11k
CAPWAP Protocol Support L2/L3 network topology between AP and AC

AP can discover accessible AC automatically

AP can update software version from AC automatically

AP can download configuration from AC automatically

IPv6 Protocol SpecificationIPV4/V6 dual stack, hand tunnel, ISATAP, 6to4 tunnel, IPv4 over IPv6 tunnel, DHCPv6, DNSv6, ICMPv6, ACLv6, TCP/UDP for IPv6, SOCKET for IPv6, SNMP v6, Ping /Traceroute v6, RADIUS, Telnet/SSH v6, FTP/TFTP v6, NTP v6, IPv6 MIB support for SNMP, VRRP for IPv6, IPv6 QoS, static route, OSPFv3, IPv6 SAVI
User Roaming Switch TimeLess than 30ms
High Reliability Support 1+1 quick backup

Support N+1 backup

Support N+N backup

Support Portal 1+1 backup

Support DHCP Serve hot backup

RF Management Support country code setting

Support manual/auto setting of transmitted power

Support manual/auto setting of working channel

Support auto adjustment of transmission rate

Support blind area detection and repair

Support RF environment scanning, AP scanning surrounding RF environment information upon working

Support wireless RF interference monitoring and evading

Support 11n preferred RF strategy

Support hiding SSID setting

Support 20MHz and 40MHz channel bandwidth configuration

Support air interface time protection under the circumstance of 11bg and 11n terminal hybrid access

Fair scheduling of terminal-based air interface time

Support RF analysis

Terminal positioning, supporting AC built-in terminal positioning algorithm

Frequency spectrum navigation (5G preferred)

Support 11n only

SSID and Radio-based user number limit

User online detection

Auto-aging with no user traffic

Inhibit client access of weak signal

Support remote probe analysis

Mandatory roaming of weak signal in client terminal

Safety Features Support 64/128 WEP, dynamic WEP, TKIP, CCMP, SMS encryption mode

Support 802.11i safety authentication, support 802.1x and PSK mode, namely Enterprise and Personal version

Support WAPI encryption and authentication

Support LDAP authentication

Support MAC address authentication

Support Portal authentication, with built-in Portal, external Portal and customized Portal

Support User-perception-free authentication

Support safety control of frame filtering, as well as of transmitting white list, static blacklist and dynamic blacklist

Support user isolation

Radio, SSID timing switch on/off control

Free Resource access control

Support wireless terminal safety access control

Support ACL access control of MAC, IPv4 and IPv6 message

Support mac authentication, password authentication, digital certificate authentication and other safety access modes for AP equipment between AP and AC

Support radius Client

Support backup authentication server

Support wireless SAVI

User access control of AP-based position

Support WIDS/WIPS (wireless intrusion detection and wireless intrusion protection)

Anti-wireless flooding attack

Anti-spoof attack

Forward Features Support IPV6 access and forward function: construct IPv6 WLAN access service in IPv4 network; provide IPv4 WLAN access service in IPv6 network; construct private IPv6 WLAN network service in IPv6 network;

Support layer-2 and layer-3 fast roaming under different APs in the same AC;

Support layer-2 and layer-3 fast roaming under different APs among ACs;

Support IPv4 and IPv6 multicast forwarding;

Support WDS AP;

Service Features Support 802.11e (WMM); Support 4-level priority queue, guarantee traffic priority of sensitive application for voice, video and other live effect

Support Ethernet 802.1P recognition and marking

Support mapping from wireless priority to wired priority

Support different SSID/VLAN mapping and different QOS strategies

Support matching data flow of different message fields and mapping different QOS strategies

Support ALC access control of MAC, IPv4, IPv6 messages

Support user number-based load balance;

Support user flow-based load balance;

Support frequency band-based load balance;

Support user number-based CAC (Call Admission Control);

Support AP-based bandwidth limit;

Support SSID-based bandwidth limit;

Support terminal-based bandwidth limit;

Support specific data flow-based bandwidth limit;

Support power-saving mode;

Support multicast-to-unicast mechanism;

Support AP automatic escape mechanism

Support intelligent terminal identification

Management FeaturesSupport WEB management

Support Console port configuration

SNMP v1/v2c/v3

Maintenance mode, supporting local maintenance and remote maintenance

Journal function, supporting local journal, Syslog, journal file export

Support alarm function

Support fault detection

Support statistical information

Support Telnet login

Support SSH login

Support Dual image backup mechanical, namely dual OS backup

Support hardware Watchdog monitoring function

Support AC cluster management; support automatic information synchronization among ACs in the cluster and configure auto or manual pushing

SSID-based user decentralization management mechanism

Wireless Value-added Services Support WiFi positioning

Provide abundant wireless value-added businesses: various intelligent terminal-based APPs; venue position-based advertisement pushing; portal individuation pushing

WeChat authentication (WeChat connecting WiFi); SMS authentication; QR Code authentication, etc.

Order Information
ModelDescription Remark
WS6000-M500P6Intelligent Authentication Management Integrated Controller, 6 gigabit ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 console port; including 16-set AP management authentication in default and supporting up to 512-set APs and 1536 concurrent usersRequired