10GE+ GE POE S5750E Series

S5750E-SI Series is L3 Lite Gigabits intelligent switch designed for carrier and MAN networks. It supports comprehensive QoS, enhanced VLAN functions (VLAN VPN, Voice VLAN, QinQ, N:1 VLAN Translation etc),

General Details
S5750E-SI Series is L3 Lite Gigabits intelligent switch designed for carrier and MAN networks. It supports comprehensive QoS, enhanced VLAN functions (VLAN VPN, Voice VLAN, QinQ, N:1 VLAN Translation etc), Ethernet Ring Protection Protocol (G.8032), classified bandwidth control, intelligent security control, OAM(Operations, Administration and Maintenance), manageability functions and Triple-Play services which fulfill the network requirements demanded by carrier network, MAN access. S5750E-SI Series switch offers green features like Fan-less design and Smart Fan feature, which can dramatically lower power consumption, achieve green energy and save the cost for the carrier and MAN users. Equipped with the full GE ports and 4 SFP/SFP+ uplink ports, the series integrates advanced management and security functions to provide performance and scalability.
Main Features
  • Green Energy
    • With Innovative port-LED Shut-off function, the user can automatically set the switch port-LED UP or DOWN at a specified time period according to their needs to achieve functional, energy-saving correct results.
    • Full account of low noise requirements of the environment, S5750E-28X-SI use Fanless Design and other models use Smart Fan strategies to control fan speed according to real-time temperature monitoring system which can effectively reduce speed, extend fan life and reduce noise pollution.
  • Simple and Flexible Operation and Maintenance
    • Dying GASP. An alarm will be triggered to remote SNMP network management platform when the system power is lost. This feature offer user-friendly operation and maintenance for the user.
    • Full Ethernet OAM technology (IEEE802.3ah/802.1ag), VCT, DDM (Digital Diagnostic Monitoring) and other features achieve rapid detection of the network failures; reduce operation and maintenance difficulty.
    • ERSPAN (Encapsulated Remote Switched Port Analyzer) technology mirrors traffic through the GRE tunnel technology which simplifies the configuration, helps network administrators to manage remote devices conveniently.
  • Enhanced Security
    • S5750E-SI series provides a variety of security mechanisms like SYN Flood, Land, ICMP Flood attack prevention and other DOS class technology, BPDU Guard and Root Guard which avoid accidental topology loops and prevent illegal edge devices become root to cause unnecessary flapping.
    • IEEE 1X port-based access control ensures all users are authorized before being granted access to the network. User authentication is carried out using any standard-based RADIUS server.
    • Access Control Lists (ACLs) can be used to restrict access to sensitive network resources by denying packets and forward by different policies. User-defined ACL provides more flexible access control for users.
    • S5750E-SI series support DHCP snooping, which prevents DHCP attacks and illegal DHCP SERVER by setting trust ports and untrust ports. With DHCP Snooping binding and option82 enabled, it can combine modules like dot1x and ARP, or implement user-access-control independently.
    • S5750E-SI series supports much more L2 security features such as ARP guard, Anti-ARP scanning, and other ARP and MAC Security technology to protect network security and reliability.
  • High Reliability
    • S5750E-SI series supports 4 Gigabit or 10Gigabit uplink ports, which could be designed to offer redundant uplinks with various ring protection applications, effectively raised the expansibility and performance of network.
    • 8032 provides sub-50ms protection and recovery switching for Ethernettraffic in a carrier ring topology. S5750E-SI series supports G.8032 v2 and can be deployed in a variety of complex network topologies including single ring, tangent ring, intersecting rings, double rings and other home networking.
    • Multi-process MSTP. When a new access ring can be implemented through creating a new process of MSTP, the new ring does not affect the existing traffic. And each process may run different spanning tree protocol.
    • DCN EMVTE technology (Enhanced Multi-VLAN subnet Traffic Engineering) is a multi-link backup and load balancing solution based on multiple VLAN subnets for dual homing network. It can achieve faster switching and convergence of the uplink through ULPP (Uplink Protection Protocol) and ULSM (Uplink State Monitor) protocol so that network performance is guaranteed.
  • High adaptability VLAN Features
    • S5750E-SI series supports 802.1Q and port based VLAN as well as MAC based VLAN, Voice VLAN and Protocol VLAN.
    • Abundant QinQ technology including Normal QinQ, Selective QinQ, and Flexible QinQ, gives users maximum freedom to configure QinQ policy.
    • N:1 VLAN Translation feature can translate multiple VLAN tags in the frames from access ports into one specified VLAN Tag. It provides a strong technical support for QoS policy convergence.
  • Abundant Multicast Features
    • S5750E-SI series also supports MVR (Multicast VLAN Register), selectively allows traffic to cross between different VLANs for bandwidth and security reasons. With MVR Trunk function, which could associate multicast VLAN to trunk port, S5750E-SI series combines the VLAN data into the same link, saving lots of resources for users.
    • S5750E-SI series could prevent multicast traffic from flooding via IGMP Snooping, while multicast traffic is only forwarded to ports associated to multicast devices.
  • POE+ support
    • The S5750E-28X-P-SI and S5750E-52X-P-SI can support PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology and provide remote power to wireless AP, IP phone and Network Camera. The network can help administrators to easily deploy cable.
    • With both 802.3af and 802.3at support, the S5750E-28X-P-SI and S5750E-52X-P-SI can support 24 / 24 / 48 port PoE at same time and the MAX power of each port up to 15.4W or 30W . The product can define the power of each port to save the power and set port priority for each port.
    • Total PoE power 370W / 370W / 740W
  • VSF(Virtual Switch Framework)
    • Virtual Switch Framework could virtualized multiple DCN switches into one logical device, achieves the sharing of information and data tables between different switches. The performance and ports density of virtualized device are greatly enlarged by times under VSF. VSF also provides simplified management work for network administrator and more reliability.
Physical port48 x 10/100/1000BaseT + 4 x 10GE(SFP+)
Management port1 x RJ45 Ethernet Management port
1x Console port
1x USB2.0 interface
Switching Capacity176Gbps
Jumbo Frame10K
MAC Address16K
ARP Table512
Routing Table512
ACL Table512
Dimension (W*H*D)440mm x 44mm x 320mm
Relative Humidity10%~90% non-condensing, storage 95%
TemperatureWorking 0°C~50°C, storage -40°C~70°C
Power SupplyAC: 100~240VAC,  50~60Hz;


Power Consumption<897W
PoEIEEE 802.3af

IEEE 802.3at

Total PoE power: 740W

Main Features 
L1, L2 FeaturesIEEE802.3(10Base-T), IEEE802.3u(100Base-TX), IEEE802.3z(1000BASE-X), IEEE802.3ab(1000Base-T), IEEE802.3ae(10GBase), IEEE802.3x, IEEE802.3ak(10GBASE-CX4)
Port loopback detection



802.3ad LACP, max 128 group trunks with max 8 ports for each trunk (S5750E-52X-P-SI(R2.0) support max 64 group trunks with max 8 ports for each trunk)

LACP load balance

N:1 Port Mirroring





Root Guard

BPDU Guard

BPDU Tunnel

802.1Q, 4K VLAN

MAC VLAN, Vocie VLAN, PVLAN, Protocol VLAN, Multicast VLAN

QinQ, Flexible QinQ


Broadcast / Multicast / Unicast Storm Control

IGMP v1/v2/v3 Snooping and L2 Query

ND Snooping

MLDv1/v2 Snooping

Port Security
Flow Control: HOL, IEEE802.3x

Bandwidth Control

L3 FeaturesStatic Routing,RIPv1/v2,OSPFv2,BGP4


OSPF multiple process

LPM Routing

Policy-based Routing(PBR) for IPv4 and IPv6





IGMP v1/v2/v3, IGMP Proxy,

Static Multicast Route

Multicast Receive Control

Illegal Multicast Source Detect

ARP Guard, Local ARP proxy, Proxy ARP, ARP Binding, Gratuitous ARP, ARP Limit

Anti ARP Cheat, Anti ARP Scan

DNS Client, DNS Relay
IPv66to4 Tunnel, Configured Tunnel, ISATAP Tunnel


IPv6 LPM Routing,IPv6 Policy-based Routing(PBR)



MLD Snooping,IPv6 Multicast VLAN

MLDv1/v2, IPv6 ACL, IPv6 QoS



8 Queues


Traffic Classification Based on 802.1p COS, ToS, DiffServ DSCP, ACL, port number

Traffic Policing

PRI Mark/Remark


Standard and Expanded ACL Based on source/destination IP or MAC, IP Protocol, TCP/UDP port, DSCP, ToS, IP Precedence), VLAN, Tag/Untag, CoS

Redirect and statistics

Rules can be configured to port, VLAN, VLAN routing interfaces

Time Ranged ACL

Security802.1x AAA

Port, MAC based authentication

Accounting based on time length and traffic

Guest VLAN and auto VLAN

RADIUS for IPv4 and IPv6
TACACS+ for IPv4 and IPv6

Traffic Monitor

DHCP Server/Client for IPv4/IPv6

DHCP Relay/Option 82

DHCP Snooping/Option 82

Traffic MonitorsFlow Traffic Analysis
Security Network ManagementCLI, WEB, Telnet, SNMPv1/v2c/v3 through IPv4 and IPv6

Syslog and external Syslog Server





RMOM 1,2,3,9

Authentication by Radius/TACACS

SSH v1/v2

Dual firmware images/ Configuration files

802.3ah OAM, 802.1ag OAM

Data Center FeaturesVSF(Virtual Switch Framework)
Order Information
S5750E-52X-P-SI(R2)10G Ethernet Routing Switch, 48 x 10/100/1000BaseT + 4 x 10GE(SFP+), fixed AC+DC redundant power supply, up to 740W for PoE
AOC-SFPX-10MAOC cable with 2 10G(SFP+) modules, 10m, suitable for SFP+ ports on same model of switch, can be used for VSF
DAC-SFPX-3MDAC cable with 2 10G(SFP+) modules, 3m, suitable for SFP+ ports on same model of switch, can be used for VSF