Open a global Cloud era ︱ DCN’s Imcloud and IPv6 Attract Great Attention at Convergence India 2019

The 27th Convergence India 2019 was held in New Delhi on January 29 to 31. With the strong support by the Indian Ministry of Telecommunication, the Ministry of Information Technology, and the Ministry of Broadcasting and Information, Convergence India, the largest fair of communication in India, has attracted high attention and active participation from more and more people in the industry in recent years. Altogether 650 exhibitors from 32 countries gathered at the fair, discussing and dreaming for the future. Digital China DCN appeared at Convergence India 2019 with its ImCloud and IPv6 series products, which had attracted great attention from the participants.

At this fair, ImCloud, a smart cloud management platform from DCN, has caught the participants’ eyes in the industry with its quick launching of business, support for a plurality of tenants, and very high cost performance. Moreover, its easy configuration interface and rich data presentation were highly recognized by the Indian market.

ImCloud supports seamless expansion of the number of online devices and the number of end users through a variety of flexible deployment according to the actual demands of customers. ImCloud can provide a stable operating platform for end users; a group of ImCloud devices can develop a cluster, working in parallel, and sharing business loads, thus ensuring stable operation for users’ services. AP devices can manage and deliver device configuration information via ImCloud in a unified manner, and the operating status of all AP devices are displayed graphically. IT personnel can control the operation of the whole network by viewing the graphical representations and related data, which provide strong support for network maintenance and optimization.

Today, ImCloud has been engaged in many projects in India and has kicked off its deployment and tests in other countries such as Russia, Turkey and Indonesia. Digital China DCN will keep pace with the times and plan a new development pattern to promote the strategic transformation, aiming to push more cloud products to the global market.

Thanks to tireless efforts, DCN has not only expanded its influence in the Indian market day by day, made a great contribution to the development of “Digital India”, but also showed the whole world “auspicious clouds of technology” from the East, as well as the leading power of eastern technologies in the future.

Digital China DCN opens a global era of cloud.

The future is coming!


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