DCN Presented in Global IPv6 & Next Generation Internet

July 24, 2017

DCN Presented in Global IPv6 & Next Generation Internet

IPv6 & Next Generation Internet Global Summit 2012 was held in Beijing on April 10th to 11th. In this anniversary summit, as the first Chinese manufacturer which acquires Enhanced IPv6 Ready Gold Certification, Digital China Networks Limited (Hereinafter DCN) has shared security solution in the IPv4/v6 interconnection environment as well as the achievements at Education field to the attendees from next generation of Internet field, government and enterprises.

Technical Director, Mr. Guo Xianfeng from DCN Industry Application Marketing Center,  shared Solutions of IPv6 campus network & core network, the foundation solution of cloud computing data center, IPv6 wireless campus network solution, IPv6 campus network outlet solutions, DHCPv6 solution, as well as the products of DCRS-9800 series data center switches, DCRS-6000 series data center switches.

In the next generation Internet core technology—- IPv6 field, DCN is the world’s pioneer IPv6 Ready manufacturer with all line products. DCN serves the largest group of users in the IPv6 commercial areas. In 2010, DCN was praised the IPv6 network and industry commercial award issued by the Global IPv6 Summit.

In the next generation of the internet, cloud computing, and IOT field, DCN owns the comprehensive advantage of the leading edge of IPv6 technology and wide range of products of wireless, application delivery, UTM, storage, server and switch, which can provide users with the infrastructure solution and application of cloud computing center. And DCN is going to actively explore and plan in order to keep the leading position in the market in the coming years.