DCN digital cloud strategy blossoms and promotes the digitalized transformation in Eastern Europe

May 21, 2019

DCN digital cloud strategy blossoms and promotes the digitalized transformation in Eastern Europe

As the “Belt and Road” extends continually, the exchanges and cooperation have been increasingly frequent and gradually deepened between excellent enterprises from China and the countries along the Belt and Road. On May 14 of local time, Guo Wei, President and Chairman of DCN, led the senior management team to investigate in Poland and signed the strategic cooperation agreement with local partners.

It’s reported that DCN would set up a core cloud node of Europe in Poland next. Through this node, DCN will provide professional and high-availability network and professional cloud service for Poland and the surrounding European countries and thus to help with the digitalized transformation and upgrade of Poland and surrounding European countries and enterprises based on “Imcloud cloud management platform” and its mature digitalization plan.

Deep Cooperation, Deep into European Cloud Market with Salumanus

In 2006, Salumanus started exploring the network and telecommunications field. Today Salumanus is an important local distributor and supplier of network infrastructure solutions, as well as important partner of DCN in Poland. In multiple years, the cooperation of both parties has been deepened, laying a good foundation for strategic cooperation.

Krzysztof Podgórski, Salumanus CEO, reviewed the cooperation course of both parties: Since 2011, Salumanus and DCN have provided product and technological services for more than 300 clients from industries of ISP, enterprises, schools, banks and governments, and jointly undertaken major national-level projects, including national campus network upgrade, national hospital network transformation, national postal service network upgrade, U20 World Cup WIFI coverage, national-level OSE education network transformation of Poland. In the process of in-depth cooperation and exchange, they have set up profound friendship and trust.

With this strategic cooperation as the opportunity, DCN will provide integrated private cloud or data center service including server, storage and network, as well as cloud computing platform services like virtualization, cloud security, cloud management, cloud load dispatch, cloud computing content release on the basis of “ImCloud Management Platform” according to the businesses of Poland and East Europe. In addition, it will integrate services including cloud load dispatch, virtual exchange, content release, and cloud security.

In addition, DCN will also carry out the cooperation of more products, technologies and plan service along with Salumanus, jointly expand the broad market of Poland and surrounding European countries through diversified cooperation modes, provide digitalized product, plan and service for more European enterprises, and help with digitalization upgrade of enterprises in Poland and surrounding European countries from more dimensions and fields.

Ye Haiqiang, Executive Vice President of DCN expressed: Based on this strategic cooperation, the partnership between DCN and Salumanus is deepened and upgraded again. This is also another exploration of overseas partnership system after “Golden Bridge Club” launched by DCN in 2018. By combining the practical development and demands from the region, DCN provides such digitalized products and services as “ImCloud Management Platform” and devotes itself to the extremely simple network management to enable the digitalized transformation of clients. At present, ImCloud Management Platform has provided public and private cloud services for thousands of schools, hotels, tens of thousands of SMEs in China, and managed hundreds of thousands of devices. DCN also deploys cloud servers in Silicon Valley and Indonesia, which has been applied to the projects of different national industries in India, Canada and Russia. In the future, DCN will keep strengthening cooperation with local partners, consolidating the local response and service ability, and provide diversified services for overseas clients.

DCN Cloud Strategy launches “Eastern European Time”

In recent years, as new technologies like cloud computation, big data and AI have been gradually mature and settled, the digitalization trend has swept the world, which boosts the new-round digitalization upgrade of global governments and enterprises.

As a science and technology enterprise that has been deeply engaged in the Chinese informationization construction for more than 20 years and takes the lead to carry out the transformation layout of cloud+ digitalization, DCN has seized the important development opportunity where IP industry comprehensively makes for cloud computation and DT era. With the professional cloud service and digitalization solution of full life cycle for enterprise clients, DCN helps with digitalization transformation of Chinese enterprises.

Meanwhile, DCN is also positively practicing the proposal of “Belt and Road”. By delivering the self-owned brand product, professional cloud service, mature digitalization plan, and the large amount of practical experience and service ability, DCN has accumulated in the process of energizing the digitalization transformation in domestic industries like finance, medical treatment, security, education, culture and entertainment to foreign countries. DCN also provides professional products, plans and technical services for the informationization and digitalization transformation of overseas clients in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and Middle East, and helps with digitalization transformation of overseas clients.

DCN has made layout in fields including security, wireless, switch, router, practical training room, storage&application, owned more than 600 types of self-owned brand products of 21 categories, and constructed an all-round cloud infrastructure products and service abilities. It has also accumulated a large amount of mature experience of cloud service operation in actual industries, and successful cases in the process of serving Chinese enterprises and transnational enterprises.

In addition, DCN has successfully set up six sales regions in Europe, Russia, India, Southeast Asia, North America and South America. Meanwhile, it has set up four maintenance centers in Russia, Czech, Indonesia and Shenzhen. Its business covers more than 60 countries worldwide and it serves more than 150 core partners and implements more than 20000 projects, involving multiple industries like finance, education, safety, hospital, public service and hotel.

Guo Wei, President and Chairman of DCN said: In future, along with bringing the excellent products, solutions and service abilities to overseas clients, DCN will also fully gather the strength of ecology partners, create domestic excellent platforms of digitalized solutions and service abilities, cooperate with multiple domestic and foreign excellent partners to jointly energize overseas clients, bring more abundant digitalization products and solutions to overseas clients, and promote the leading Chinese commercial systems and technical standards to more countries.