Yunke China

Yunke China Information Technology Limited (Earlier name as DIGITAL CHINA NETWORKS LIMITED , DCN for short), possessing proprietary network brand and intellectual property. It is a new-generation global provider for data communications equipments,solution and infrastructure of smart city. Deriving from Lenovo, DCN was launched into the network market in 1997 with company philosophy of “Client-oriented, Technology-driven and Service-preference”. Based on independent development and sustainable innovation, DCN is continuous to provide networks products with intelligent, reliable and integrated network products, solution and quality service for the clients.


Open up a “Core” Era | DCN Makes Its Appearance at Singapore International Communication and Information Expo

Recently, the high-profile 2018 Singapore International Communication and Information Expo had its brand opening. As an important information and communication technology event in Asia, Singapore International Communication and Information Expo has always been an important window for the industry insiders to know about current situation of the industry and find business opportunities. The expo attracted enterprises well-known in global ICT market and industry insiders from all over the world to negotiate and explore on the latest achievements of ICT industry and dig out the business opportunities during the development of ICT industry.


The expo attracted enterprises from China, Singapore, South Korea, the United States, Israel and other countries, and it mainly displayed the high-end solutions and products in the field of communication. As an excellent industrial + digital solution provider in China, DCN displayed solutions, products and services from the perspectives of  network, data, system, security for the global audience, and they have received extensive attention and recognition from the industry.


Singapore is an important hub of the world. Its highly developed free economic system has endowed the communications industry an extremely important role in Singapore’s national economy. In other words, Singapore is extremely strict with hardware equipment of the data center supporting the development of the communications industry.
In response to China’s policy of “independent research and development”, DCN, together with MTK develops a data-center switch with “China core” – DCN CS6550-48S6Q-SI Full10G+40G, which has been highly praised by the customers in Singapore. Since the product appears on the market, it has been adopted by the core computer room of the data center of MTK Singapore headquarters, and also it is to be deployed into  the data centers in India, Malaysia, Thailand and other neighboring countries soon. In addition, Singapore will continue to purchase thousands of switches, SFP modules and other products, deploy its urban network, and promote the construction progress of the communications industry. DCN has entered the Singapore market quickly and will move on to explore the potential of the global communications market.

East Lake Comprehensive Bonded Zone to Help DCN’s Innovation and Development Upgrade by Industrial Aggregation

The establishment and unveiling ceremony of Wuhan Optics Valley DCN Smart Exhibition Center and the DCN Network ICT College was held at China (Hubei) Pilot Free Trade Zone. And the attendees included Dai Xi, the Deputy Director of the East Lake High-Tech Development Zone Administrative Committee and the Full-time Deputy Director of the Wuhan Area Administrative Committee of China (Hubei) Free Trade Zone, Cheng Yahong, the Deputy Director of the Comprehensive Bonded Zone Administration, Zhong Fuping, the Director of the Reform and Innovation Office of the Free Trade Zone Administration, Wang Zhigang, the Deputy Director of the Investment Promotion Office of the Comprehensive Bonded Zone Administration, and Ye Haiqiang, the Vice President of Digital China Group and the President of DCN.


Located at Wuhan East Lake Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Wuhan Optics Valley DCN Smart Exhibition Center and the DCN Network ICT College will focus on the training of ICT innovative and applied talents, and facilitate the education and training projects for the development of the ICT industry chain. The college will launch seven major service systems, including technical training and certification, operation and management, talent training, school-enterprise cooperation, ICT mass innovation laboratory, international exchange and cooperation, and ICT ecological chain consultation, and will provide the industry, colleges and universities, and governments with the customized training programs for the professional talents. Moreover, it will build an ICT training ecosystem and an international innovation education brand, and enable the digital transformation of China’s network by adhering to the time spirit of focusing on reform and innovation.

As the second “National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone”, one of China’s four “Future Sci-Tech Cities” and one of the six world-class science parks, Wuhan Optics Valley will provide strong support for the future development of DCN. DCN will continue to make investment, enhance the scientific and technological innovation, and keep improving the proprietary and controllable products concerning the network, security, storage, big data, solutions and service applications. What is more, it will facilitate the development of the education and training industry by conforming to the industrial trend of digital and intelligent development, and making use of the Internet, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other high technologies based on the “cloud + education technology”. In short, DCN will promote the industry-university-research cooperation and realize the deep integration between the information technology and the education and teaching.

With the aid of the bonded digital economic platform, DCN will correctly understand relevant policies at home and abroad, actively expand its overseas businesses and drive the development of the Belt and Road Initiative. Additionally, DCN will forge ahead and work hand in hand with Wuhan Optics Valley to make great achievements.



DCN Makes Its Appearance at CEBIT, Accelerating the Upgrading of Industrial + Digital Solutions

Recently, CEBIT (Expo of Consumer Electronics, Information and Communication at Hannover, Germany) ended successfully. More than 2,800 enterprises around the world participated in the expo. CEBIT was founded in 1947 and became an independent IT Expo in 1986. Now it is a global festival of information, communication and software.

DCN is an excellent Chinese exhibitor and active implementer of the national independence and controllability strategy; for all these years, DCN has persisted in innovating in technology, aiming to be an industrial + digital solution provider with proprietary brands. With years of industry experience, DCN has deepened cooperation with organizations from all over the world; with the spirit of fighting and innovation, DCN has received high praise from plenty of industry professionals.


DCN’s successful appearance at CEBIT is rooted in the brand quality ensured by independent R&D and continuous innovation; such brand quality has been a strong support to DCN’s overseas projects. The Turkish police station’s appreciation for DCN solution and service is a good example.


Turkey stretches across Europe and Asia; this special geographical location has made Turkey a place of geostrategic importance, a place gathering such contradictions as terrorism and Kurdish question which has been a threat to the safety of Turkey. For this reason, Turkish Police Station has tried every possible way to enhance security management; the monitoring camera is one of the most used tools. Currently, the Turkish Police Station has deployed more than 10,000 cameras throughout the country, and this number keeps going up; consequently, the growing camera network requires more industrial switches. Through comparison and careful selection, the Turkish Police Station makes its final choice –DCN which has perfect solutions and high product quality. The next generation of IS2100D industrial switches provided by DCN to the Turkish Police Station is exclusively designed for industrial applications. With a protection grade of IP40 and an  ultra-wide working temperature of -40°C-85°C, it is suitable for all kinds of severe environment, a right choice for the current demands in Turkey. Meanwhile, its high-strength metal case with a folded structure can shield electromagnetic interference, resist vibration/impact, and can also be used as a radiator. Its fan-free design can prevent dust accumulation and get rid of fan failure. IS2100D industrial switches can provide reliable network access solutions for such special industrial environment which is high temperature, full of dust or with strong electromagnetic interference. The guide-rail or wall-mounted design is convenient for deployment at industrial sites.

The controllable DIN guide-rail industrial switches under IS2100D series have a store-and-forward mode. The integrated high-performance switching engine fully meets IEEE802.3/IEEE802.3u standard, and is capable of non-blocking wire-speed forwarding. Meanwhile, it has QoS and traffic shaping functions, which meet the potential demands of the Turkish Police Station.

During testing, DCN’s traffic shaping function is capable of more smoothly transmission of the video streaming, which is highly praised by the Turkeisk partner Akgünİnceoğlu. According to Akgünİnceoğlu,” I tested the products of DCN under the actual environment in the Houses of Parliament of Turkey, the General Administration of Police under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the city monitoring system. The test results are great. The products have an excellent shaping effect on the test ports, and the video streaming is stable”.



High Quality to help Czechic Customers Get High-Value Projects

In addition to the success in Turkey, DCN has also been highly appreciated by ELI Beamlines Research Center from the suburb of Prague, the capital of Czech Republic.

ELI Beamlines Research Center expected to install and operate the most powerful laser system in the world to provide the users with unique source of radiation and beam of particles which has an ultra-high peak power of 10 PW (watt) and a focusing intensity as high as 1024W/cm2. With great scientific value, such beams of light will not only help make breakthrough researches in the field of physics and materials science, but also help conduct the biomedical researches and laboratory astrophysics researches.

In order to make the laser intensity higher than the existing technical level by over 6 orders of magnitude, ELI Beamlines required to deploy a cost-effective switch equipped with 1Gb access layer with 10Gb uplink, and a 10Gb switch with L3 advanced functions and high-density polymeric layer, which will provide stack support to ensure high availability and core-network-based interoperability based on core network.

Based on the customer’s requirements, DCN used high-performance L3 lite series switches – S5750E series to provide 1G access function to the customer. At the same time, in the convergence layer, DCN used the data center switch – CS6500 switch as the 10G port to provide high performance and high density features and the 40G super-large uplink. The port relay between the access and converging switches based on VSF technology has good compatibility while providing high availability of links.


Establish the Industrial Advantages of DCN in International Market through Innovation

Over the years, DCN has always been in the forefront of network vendors by virtue of independent R&D and continuous innovation. In the future, DCN will insist on independent R &D and continuous innovation, and devote itself to the international ICT market with a broader mind and a more positive attitude. It will display Chinese enterprises’ feature through products and services.

At present, DCN has several overseas partners around the world and has established five major sales areas in Europe, Russia, India, Southeast Asia and North America, and three RMA centers in Russia, Czech and Shenzhen.


DCN will continue its concept of trust and win-win cooperation and insist innovating, to produce more stable networks for more users at home and abroad with better products, more reasonable solutions and more considerate services.


Tale of General Education丨DCN Transforms the Wireless Metropolitan Area Network for the Shenyang Dadong District Education Bureau

A smart network to schools through high-quality solutions

A Reform to teaching methods through innovative solutions

A wing of imagination for education through technological power

DCN series solutions for the general education industry

A record of digital upgrading and transformation of the general education industry


More than ten years of devotion in the education industry

Opening the new era of smart campus


DCN has been devoted in the education industry for over ten years. Through repeated analysis and study on cases in the general education industry, DCN has created a series of solutions covering “cloud – network integration” metropolitan area network for general education, smart cloud classroom, smart campus for general education and safe campus for general education. With its innovative, flexible and rich solutions, DCN has completed the digital upgrading and transformation for major general education institutions and related units throughout China. Today, I want to talk about one case — DCN Transforms the Wireless Metropolitan Area Network for the Shenyang Dadong District Education Bureau.




The backbone network of Dadong educational metropolitan area network and the wired/wireless networks of the affiliated schools have been completed for several years. The Education Bureau deploys the AC, network management and authentication systems, and adopts the model of independent construction, unified management and authentication. In the course of actual network operation, the following problems cause great trouble to customers:

  • Difficulty in user account management. The Education Bureau has no sufficient management personnel to manage all school user accounts, so it delegates its management authority to the schools. But the school administrators cannot manage the accounts independently due to the complexity of equipment management, and they even want to give up their user account management;
  • Difficulty in unified management of AP. There are 1,000 APs in the entire network, and the number is increasing year by year due to the growth of network business. The Education Bureau, who is responsible for the AP management, receives complaints about poor wireless network from the school users every day. Since the AP management interface is complex and not suitable for the school administrators, and the solving procedures are also complex, many simple problems become complex, resulting in slow solving and more complaints;
  • High cost of overall transformation. If the AC, network management and authentication systems are deployed to each school, the decentralized management and maintenance can be realized, but such deployment brings a more learning cost and other problems. In addition, there are no suitable professional administrators in some schools for the moment. All of these lead to the high cost of overall transformation.


“Cloud – network integration” metropolitan area network for general education

Seamless combination of strong points from others


The “cloud – network integration” metropolitan area network for general education is the digital solution specially designed by DCN for primary and secondary schools and education bureaus in response to the national policy of “three connections and two platforms”. Through integrating AC, network management and authentication and other functions by using the cloud, the solution can achieve a smooth Internet surfing among schools. With a unified AP deployment among schools, Windows operation interface and other features, the network is easy to operate and maintain. It is simpler, more integrated and professional.


Customer demands

Basically realize the supplemental seamless coverage of wireless network on main areas of 35 primary and secondary schools, including the offices, classrooms, conference rooms, outdoor areas;

Conduct the unified deployment of equipment, delegate the account and equipment management to schools, keep the unified management authority at the Education Bureau;

Conduct the wireless user account authentication, support a visitor to quickly open an account, and make network real name statistics;

Realize the roaming of school user accounts among different schools within the same area without application for new accounts;

The operation interface for account and equipment management must be easy to use and suitable for ordinary administrators, so as to reduce the training costs.


Solution description

DCN comes up with the solution below:

Deploy the Imcloud management platform

The platform is deployed at the Education Bureau in a centralized manner, and it integrates AC, user authentication and network management. It is not necessary for schools to purchase the AC, network management and authentication equipment.

The platform can set up school administrators at different levels to manage the schools’ user accounts and APs. After a school AP is launched, the platform automatically enters the management domain of the school. The user’s application for an account will be sent automatically to the school administrator; the school administrator can check the status of the school’s users and APs at any time, and make relevant statistics and analysis according to specific statuses.

The school administrator can set up the school user authentication page and visitor authentication method conveniently and flexibly (SMS, QR code scanning and conference QR code etc.).

The platform can realize the roaming of user accounts among different schools within the same area without application for new accounts.

The platform adopts a simple Windows operation interface that anyone who can use computer is able to manage and maintain network.

In the later stage, the Imcloud service platform and related APPs can be deployed seamlessly. New services, such as convenient Internet authentication, network security inspection, network maintenance and fault diagnosis, are provided for ordinary users, administrators and maintainers. At the same time, a standardized process is designed to deal with network problems, so that each problem may have a closed-loop resolution.

Provide high-quality wireless service

In addition to original APs, new advanced, high-performance 802.11ac Wave2 enterprise-level wireless APs, including AP WL8200-I2&I3 installed indoors, AP WL8200-W series installed on indoor walls, and AP WL8200-T2&IT2 installed outdoors (about 1500 APs in total), are used to provide the teachers and students with large-bandwidth wireless access services;

Make unified planning and deployment for original and new APs, realize the seamless coverage on classrooms, corridors, offices, venues, playgrounds and sports fields thorough the elaborate scene coverage mode, and realize the seamless wireless roaming and the scientific and rational distribution of wireless resources through the “major 8-air” technology, thus providing the users with continuous and fast wireless services.
Advantages of the solution

Advanced and reasonable platform architecture the management burden on the Education Bureau is eased: after the delegation of administration authority, each school manages its own network, and the Education Bureau can be relieved from the tedious daily maintenance work to do more important things, and it can also supervise the networks of all schools when needed;

Easy-to-use maintenance methods – the vitality of the school network is enhanced: Through managing its own network, each school can easily know about the status of users and equipment through Windows operation interface. With the simple reports on network utilization rate and equipment failure rate provided by the network system, most of problems can be solved quickly, which obtains the recognition of the network from teachers and students; A school administrator can actively design the authentication interface of the school, making it more characteristic, substantial and practical; a school administrator can also integrate his/her idea into the network development, adjust and improve the network according to his/her own demands, thus forming a virtuous circle.

Advanced and scientific wireless deployment the online application experience is enhanced: after the network deployment is optimized, the teachers and students can visit the school service network within seconds, and can also enjoy the fast network service outside the school. The school roaming is not off line, and there are more optional applications about teaching informatization, which lays a solid network foundation for the future construction of a smart school network.

Make in-depth analysis on customer needs, develop safe and controllable digital products independently, and provide users with elaborate, reliable and deeply-integrated “industry + digital solutions”!

DCN helps the overall upgrading of the metropolitan area network for general education, cloud classroom, smart campus and safe campus, to facilitate the construction of a high-quality, information-based system for general education industry.


Digital China Attends Global IPv6 Summit 2018, Supports IPv6 Development in China

Global IPv6 Summit 2018 was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province from May 21st to 22nd. Industrial elites from all over the world came together to discuss about the balanced development of global next-generation Internet and China’s opportunities and challenges. With rich practical experience over ten years for Digital China (000034.SZ), Mr. Guo Wei, the Chairman and President of Digital China, was invited to attend the summit and made a keynote speech; Mr. Ye Haiqiang, the Vice President of Digital China and Mr. Xiang Yangzhao, CTO of Yunke China Information Technology Limited, were also invited.


Global informatization goes into expressway, Chinese IPv6 industry embraces golden opportunities



Currently, Internet has become an important information infrastructure which has a close connection with national economy and social development as well as global political, economic and safety patterns. With quick development of information technology such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, the quantity demanded of global IP addresses increases largely; however, the problems such as shortage of Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) addresses and unstable service quality are more and more serious as well. Therefore, Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), which may provide sufficient network addresses and wide innovation space, is considered to be a good solution for commercial application of next-generation Internet.


It is reported that the number of deployed IPv6 addresses in U.S.A, German, Belgium and India has approximated to or exceed 30%; in the next 5-10 years, the users and flow of IPv6 in the world will increase exponentially and exceed that of IPv4 in 2021 expectedly. Latif Ladid, the chairman of Global IPv6 Forum, claimed that more and more enterprises and Internet users have adopted IPv6. “The number of IPv6 users in China is near 250 million”.


In the Action Plan for Implementing Scale Deployment of Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) printed and issued by General Office of the CPC Central Committee and General Office of the State Council in November, 2017, it is proposed that China will spend 5 to 10 years in forming independent technology system and industrial ecology for next- generation Internet, to realize deep integration and application of next- generation Internet in various fields. Under the joint promotion by accelerated global informatization and domestic policies, Chinese IPv6 industry embraces golden opportunities.

DCN of Digital China helps IPv6 development in China as a pioneer

Digital China, with its subsidiary DCN as the carrier, began to carry out research in IPv6 field and product R&D in 2002. In 2004, Digital China launched IPv6switch. In 2005, all of switches of DCN, Digital China passed certification of IPv6 Ready. In 2008, network products of DCN, Digital China passed enhanced certification of IPv6 Ready and test of DHCPv6 IPv6 SNMP.

By virtue of the technical, product and practical advantages in IPv6 field, DCN has participated into many important projects for over ten years. In CNGI Customer Premises Network (CPN) Project in 2007, DCN contracted to build 30% of node construction including 4 core nodes such as Tsinghua University and continued to build 30% CPN in CNGI CPN Project Phase II. In 2011, Digital China contracted to build 30% of institutions’ networks in Next-generation Internet Project of Chinese Academy of Science. Meanwhile, DCN, Digital China has successfully provided product and technical services for over 20 universities and colleges including Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Wuhan University and South China University of Technology.

 “From computable network to network’s computability, the demand for IPv6 is more and more from informatization development”, said by Mr. Guo Wei, the President of Digital China, he also indicated that Digital China, which has conducted research in IPv6 field for many years, will make efforts to realize the transformation from a traditional IT companyto a DT companyin the next Internet era.


With Devotion to Vocational Education for 10+ years, DCN Assists the Successful Holding of the Secondary Vocational Schools Group Event under the National Vocational Students Skills Competition in Yichang Vocational Education Park

Recently, the grand annual event in the field of vocational education in China – 2018 National Vocational Students Skills Competition (NVSSC) Secondary Vocational Schools Group “Digital China DCN Cup” Network Establishment and Application Event was solemnly held in Yichang Vocational Education Park. Liu Weiling, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Yichang Municipal Committee and Deputy Mayor of Yichang Municipal People’s Government, and Ye Haiqiang, Vice President of Digital China, addressed the opening ceremony, respectively. Deng Zhiliang, Director of the Executive Committee of the Network Establishment and Application Event and Director of the Information Technology Committee of Chinese Society of Vocational and Technical Education (CSVTEITC), made a speech at the event. The representative of the competitors and the chief judge made a vow before the competition. Ge Weiwei, Deputy Inspector of the Department of Vocational Education and Adult Education under the Ministry of Education, expressed his good wishes for the competitors and announced the opening of the competition. The opening ceremony was presided over by Deng Shimin, Director of the Division of Vocational Education and Adult Education under Hubei Provincial Department of Education.


In his opening speech, Ye Haiqiang said: “Digital China developed from Lenovo and has always insisted on utilizing its own technologies, solutions and products to make contributions to the vocational education industry and vocational education competitions. We are grateful to the Organizing Committee of NVSSC for their trust in us. We also appreciate the supports to us by the governments at all levels, the Ministry of Education, and all walks of life. “Cloud + Educational Technology” will be our strategic focus in the future. We will further invest more resources to escort the development of the vocational education industry and new technologies, products, and applications to help China develop vocational education in a better and faster manner.”


Competitors, teachers and staff from all parts of the country, together with DCN, gathered at the event under the supports of leaders at all levels, presented us with a wonderful network establishment and application skill competition.

Integrating production and education, and paying attention to the development of vocational education in China


Unlike higher education, vocational education aims to develop application-oriented talents with specific skills in certain fields. During the process of vocational education, emphasis is put on practical operations, to improve students’ practical skills and practical working abilities. With the increasing popularity of the Internet and computers, China is marching rapidly to become a great power in Internet. In recent years, the Party and the state have introduced goals such as “Safe, Independent and Controllable Internet,” and “Building a Strong Internet Country”. The development of application-oriented talents in network establishment and computer technology has become increasingly important.

Since the early beginning of DCN, it has regarded the education industry as a key area for business expansion. Over the years, DCN has never ceased cooperation with educational institutions in its constant development process, from being a product provider to a domestic mainstream network equipment solutions provider, and to today’s “industrial + digital solutions provider”.


In the past 10+ years of assisting the competition events, while network technologies were rapidly updating and new applications were emerging, DCN always could provide the competition with popular network equipment and platforms by virtue of its rapid-response R&D capability and timely solutions and output efficiency, meeting the requirements of the competition. Besides, DCN also paid attention to the transformation after the events, which means, applying the outcomes of the competition to the practical application scenarios in teaching. This is actually the essence of promoting education with competitions, thus driving the integration of production and education reasonably, strengthening school-enterprise cooperation, and contributing to find out a totally new education method for high-end application-oriented talents. DCN always tries its best to contribute to the development of vocational education in China.

DCN’s persistence in more than ten years has made it a model of production-education integration in the field of vocational education.



Hard work in the past 10+ years has shaped DCN’s outstanding capability in promoting vocational education.

DCN began to participate in vocational education competition in 2008. Since 2011, DCN has been hosting the “Network Establishment and Application” Event of the Secondary Vocational Schools Group. From the simple network establishment at the beginning to today’s integration of new technologies such as virtualization and cloud management, DCN always insists on conducting specific analysis for a specific problem, fully understanding the requirements and competition spirit of the Organizing Committee and escorting the competition with suitable, reliable, stable and high-quality solutions and products. DCN has always accomplished the tasks assigned by the Organizing Committee with high quality, showing the reliability of DCN’s solutions and products, and demonstrating DCN’s outstanding capability in promoting vocational education.


By energizing vocational education, DCN assists in digital transformation of the vocational education industry


In 2018, DCN newly positioned itself strategically as an “Industrial + Digital Solutions Provider”. It will adapt itself to the development trends of the global networks, comply with national cyber security development strategies, and help enterprises with fully digital transformation in four major industries, i.e., vocational education, public services, general education, and commercial markets.

Vocational education industry is the key industry of the four targeted ones which DCN will energize. DCN will continue adhering to its concepts and styles saying “promoting education with competitions, integrating production and education, and strengthening school- enterprise cooperation”, so as to bring more, better and more appropriate integrated solutions and high-quality reliable products to the vocational education industry.

DCN has its commitment clarified as caring the development of vocational education industry and wholeheartedly assisting China in the development of application-oriented vocational and skilled talents.

In the new era, DCN will spare no efforts to help more vocational schools with its advantages to complete their digital transformation and further technology upgrading!


Thanks to the great job of all sides involved, 2018 National Vocational Students Skills Competition Secondary Vocational Schools Group “Digital China DCN Cup” Network Establishment and Application Event has ended with success. “With devotion to vocational education for 10+ years, DCN will create a greater future with its resolution never changed!” In the new stage, DCN will continue moving forward with its brand-new positioning as an “Industrial + Digital Solution Provider” so as to bring more reliable and trustworthy digital transformation and technology upgrading solutions to the vocational education industry and more and more partners!

More Convenient and Safer to See Doctors with “Internet + Medical Treatment and Healthcare”

Recently, an announce titled Executive Meetings of the State Council Decided to Develop Measures such as “Internet + Medical Treatment and Healthcare” has been published on The state has decided to implement  “Internet + Medical Treatment and Healthcare” in the medical treatment and healthcare field in a full scale, so as to improve medical service efficiency, provide convenience to patients and make high-class medical resources accessible for more people. It is reported that the policy will be officially implemented from May, 1st.

As the medical Institutions has to receive a lot of patients every day, massive patient information are collected and stored, making the non-medical treatment works such as informatization management of hospital business, coordination among medical institutions and individual health information management more complex, the importance of safe medical data obvious!

However, due to the limitation of the discipline and the technical barriers on information safety and management, most medical institutions only focus on their business rather than data safety and lack systems in the construction of information safety.

What’s more, the data have to be transmitted by external network during the construction process of regional sanitation information, thus putting them in great danger of being exposed.

Accompanying the information construction in national medical treatment system, medical welfare policies are continuously improved and fulfilled, which requires the information construction to provide not only more convenient and faster but also safer solutions for non-medical treatment works to manage information.

Over the years, DCN has followed national policies closely, continuously focused on the development of medical treatment and healthcare industry and provided targeted solutions, for example, “Safe Digital Solution with Classified Protection for Hospitals” to build safe, high-efficiency, convenient and applicable digital network ecology for medical institutions.


Integrating Five Zones in One Unit, Building Digital Network Ecology for Hospitals

Through “Safe Digital Solution with Classified Protection for Hospitals”, the whole hospital is reasonably divided into five major zones including “core exchange zone”, “external connection zone”, “public service zone”, “data center zone” and “management zone”; with respective products corresponding to the features of each zone but integrated into an organic unit to maintain a stable and safety network with simplified management for the hospital.

“Commercial market” with medical treatment and healthcare as the representative business is one of the key targets to be energized by DCN. Over the years, DCN has provided a lot of solutions of high quality including “Wi-Fi Coverage for Budget Chain Hotels”, “Digital Core Network for Hospitals”, “Wi-Fi Coverage for Intelligent Scenic Area” and “Video Monitoring Application + Scenarios” for different businesses in commercial market. In the future, DCN will insist on following national policies, providing digital solutions which correspond to relative business features and continuously establishing a safe, green and high-efficiency Internet environment in technology and service for different clients.