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Yunke China Information Technology Limited (Earlier name as DIGITAL CHINA NETWORKS LIMITED , DCN for short), possessing proprietary network brand and intellectual property. It is a new-generation global provider for data communications equipments,solution and infrastructure of smart city. Deriving from Lenovo, DCN was launched into the network market in 1997 with company philosophy of “Client-oriented, Technology-driven and Service-preference”. Based on independent development and sustainable innovation, DCN is continuous to provide networks products with intelligent, reliable and integrated network products, solution and quality service for the clients.


DCN Wireless AP passed IPV6 Ready test

The wireless access points WL8200-I3, WL8200-I2, WL8200-I1, WL8200-WH2 and WL8200-WL2 of Wuhan Digital China Yunke Network Technology Limited have officially passed IPv6 Ready Core Protocol Phase-2 test in the Global IPv6 Testing Center under China Future Internet Engineering Center and obtained IPv6 Ready Logo Phase-2 Certificate issued by the international organization IPv6 Forum.


The wireless access points WL8200-I3, WL8200-I2, WL8200-I1, WL8200-WH2 and WL8200-WL2 of Wuhan Digital China Yunke Network Technology Limited have officially passed IPv6 Ready Core Protocol Phase-2 test in the Global IPv6 Testing Center under China Future Internet Engineering Center ( and obtained IPv6 Ready Logo Phase-2 Certificate (Logo ID: 02-C-001934) issued by the international organization IPv6 Forum, which means that the IPv6 core protocol of the products above mentioned meets relevant standards in IETF RFC and that its consistency and intercommunity have been verified.



WL8200-I3, WL8200-I2 and WL8200-I1 are indoor-placed wireless APs developed by DCN. WL8200-I3 is a high-performance triple frequency kilomega wireless access point based on the 802.11ac Wave2+802.11n standard, with the maximum access rate of 2.9Gbps; it works in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands and integrates 4X4:4 MU-MIMO and OFDM technologies; the device supports three frequency bands and eight spatial streams. WL8200-I2 (R2) is a high-performance dual frequency kilomega wireless access point based on the 802.11ac Wave2+802.11n standard, with the maximum access rate of 1317Mbps; it works in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands and integrates MIMO and OFDM technologies. WL8200-I1 is a high-performance dual frequency kilomega wireless access point based on the 802.11ac standard, with the maximum access rate of 1167Mbps; it works in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands and integrates MIMO and OFDM technologies.

WL8200-WH2 and WL8200-WL2 are new-generation dual frequency wall-mounted wireless APs developed by DCN. WL8200WH2 is based on the 802.11n standard + the 802.11ac wave2 standard, works in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands and integrates MU-MIMO and OFDM technologies; 2.4G 802.11n may provide a maximum data transmission rate of 450Mbps and 5G 802.11ac may provide a maximum data transmission rate of 867Mbps. WL8200-WL2 is based on the 802.11ac standard and may work in the both 2.4G frequency band (802.11b/g/n) and 5G frequency band (802.11a/n/ac); the 2.4G frequency band may provide a wireless access rate of 300Mbps and the 5G frequency band may provide a wireless access rate of 433Mbps; the maximum access rate of the device is 733Mbps.

IPv6 Ready Logo certification

The IPv6 Ready Logo certification launched by the IPv6 Forum is an important measure for the compliance of products with the protocol IPv6 and is also an internationally universal IPv6 support certificate. Any product to be certified should pass all IPv6 consistency and intercommunity tests and the test results should be strictly reviewed by the IPv6 Ready Logo Committee, before the IPv6 Ready Logo is granted. This Logo is a globally universal basis for the fact that a device supports IPv6, thus promoting the large-scale global deployment of IPv6.



Founded in 2008 and subordinate to China Future Internet Engineering Center, Global IPv6 Testing Center is the first IPv6 testing and certification laboratory authorized by the IPv6 Forum, the sponsor and executor of the IPv6 Enabled Logo Program, and the third-party IPv6 testing and certification authority with a longer history and a larger scale and having performed more tests than any of its peers over the world. Since its establishment, the testing center has been focusing on the formulation of test standards for the IPv6-supported next-generation Internet, the design of test platforms and the R&D of consistency, intercommunity, automation, performance, etc., and providing authoritative third-party testing and certification services for the programs such as IPv6, IPv6 Enabled and IPv6 Education across the world, so as to facilitate the large-scale global deployment of IPv6.


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DCN digital cloud strategy blossoms and promotes the digitalized transformation in Eastern Europe

As the “Belt and Road” extends continually, the exchanges and cooperation have been increasingly frequent and gradually deepened between excellent enterprises from China and the countries along the Belt and Road. On May 14 of local time, Guo Wei, President and Chairman of DCN, led the senior management team to investigate in Poland and signed the strategic cooperation agreement with local partners.

It’s reported that DCN would set up a core cloud node of Europe in Poland next. Through this node, DCN will provide professional and high-availability network and professional cloud service for Poland and the surrounding European countries and thus to help with the digitalized transformation and upgrade of Poland and surrounding European countries and enterprises based on “Imcloud cloud management platform” and its mature digitalization plan.

Deep Cooperation, Deep into European Cloud Market with Salumanus

In 2006, Salumanus started exploring the network and telecommunications field. Today Salumanus is an important local distributor and supplier of network infrastructure solutions, as well as important partner of DCN in Poland. In multiple years, the cooperation of both parties has been deepened, laying a good foundation for strategic cooperation.

Krzysztof Podgórski, Salumanus CEO, reviewed the cooperation course of both parties: Since 2011, Salumanus and DCN have provided product and technological services for more than 300 clients from industries of ISP, enterprises, schools, banks and governments, and jointly undertaken major national-level projects, including national campus network upgrade, national hospital network transformation, national postal service network upgrade, U20 World Cup WIFI coverage, national-level OSE education network transformation of Poland. In the process of in-depth cooperation and exchange, they have set up profound friendship and trust.

With this strategic cooperation as the opportunity, DCN will provide integrated private cloud or data center service including server, storage and network, as well as cloud computing platform services like virtualization, cloud security, cloud management, cloud load dispatch, cloud computing content release on the basis of “ImCloud Management Platform” according to the businesses of Poland and East Europe. In addition, it will integrate services including cloud load dispatch, virtual exchange, content release, and cloud security.

In addition, DCN will also carry out the cooperation of more products, technologies and plan service along with Salumanus, jointly expand the broad market of Poland and surrounding European countries through diversified cooperation modes, provide digitalized product, plan and service for more European enterprises, and help with digitalization upgrade of enterprises in Poland and surrounding European countries from more dimensions and fields.

Ye Haiqiang, Executive Vice President of DCN expressed: Based on this strategic cooperation, the partnership between DCN and Salumanus is deepened and upgraded again. This is also another exploration of overseas partnership system after “Golden Bridge Club” launched by DCN in 2018. By combining the practical development and demands from the region, DCN provides such digitalized products and services as “ImCloud Management Platform” and devotes itself to the extremely simple network management to enable the digitalized transformation of clients. At present, ImCloud Management Platform has provided public and private cloud services for thousands of schools, hotels, tens of thousands of SMEs in China, and managed hundreds of thousands of devices. DCN also deploys cloud servers in Silicon Valley and Indonesia, which has been applied to the projects of different national industries in India, Canada and Russia. In the future, DCN will keep strengthening cooperation with local partners, consolidating the local response and service ability, and provide diversified services for overseas clients.

DCN Cloud Strategy launches “Eastern European Time”

In recent years, as new technologies like cloud computation, big data and AI have been gradually mature and settled, the digitalization trend has swept the world, which boosts the new-round digitalization upgrade of global governments and enterprises.

As a science and technology enterprise that has been deeply engaged in the Chinese informationization construction for more than 20 years and takes the lead to carry out the transformation layout of cloud+ digitalization, DCN has seized the important development opportunity where IP industry comprehensively makes for cloud computation and DT era. With the professional cloud service and digitalization solution of full life cycle for enterprise clients, DCN helps with digitalization transformation of Chinese enterprises.

Meanwhile, DCN is also positively practicing the proposal of “Belt and Road”. By delivering the self-owned brand product, professional cloud service, mature digitalization plan, and the large amount of practical experience and service ability, DCN has accumulated in the process of energizing the digitalization transformation in domestic industries like finance, medical treatment, security, education, culture and entertainment to foreign countries. DCN also provides professional products, plans and technical services for the informationization and digitalization transformation of overseas clients in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and Middle East, and helps with digitalization transformation of overseas clients.

DCN has made layout in fields including security, wireless, switch, router, practical training room, storage&application, owned more than 600 types of self-owned brand products of 21 categories, and constructed an all-round cloud infrastructure products and service abilities. It has also accumulated a large amount of mature experience of cloud service operation in actual industries, and successful cases in the process of serving Chinese enterprises and transnational enterprises.

In addition, DCN has successfully set up six sales regions in Europe, Russia, India, Southeast Asia, North America and South America. Meanwhile, it has set up four maintenance centers in Russia, Czech, Indonesia and Shenzhen. Its business covers more than 60 countries worldwide and it serves more than 150 core partners and implements more than 20000 projects, involving multiple industries like finance, education, safety, hospital, public service and hotel.

Guo Wei, President and Chairman of DCN said: In future, along with bringing the excellent products, solutions and service abilities to overseas clients, DCN will also fully gather the strength of ecology partners, create domestic excellent platforms of digitalized solutions and service abilities, cooperate with multiple domestic and foreign excellent partners to jointly energize overseas clients, bring more abundant digitalization products and solutions to overseas clients, and promote the leading Chinese commercial systems and technical standards to more countries.

DCN S5750E and CS6200 serial Switch get the IPv6 Ready certification(phase -2)

Recently, S5750E and CS6200 serial interchangers of DCN has passed the test of IPv6 Ready Core Protocols (Phase-2) by Global IPv6 Testing Center and awarded the IPv6 Ready Core Protocols Logo (Phase-2) by the international organization IPv6 Forum.


Since the emergency of Internet of Things, cloud computing and 5G, the development of IPv6 has been quickened and the number of users connecting with Internet via Ipv6 has been increasing quickly. In this context, the new generation of network products is required to meet the specifications of IPv6 and satisfy the support requests in all kinds of scenarios under IPv6 environment. This has also been the core concern of enterprises in equipment procurement currently.


Recently, S5750E and CS6200 serial interchangers of Wuhan Yunke China Information Technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as “DCN”) have passed the test of IPv6 Ready Core Protocols (Phase-2) by Global IPv6 Testing Center ( and awarded the IPv6 Ready Core Protocols Logo (Phase-2) by the international organization IPv6 Forum. This means that the IPv6 Core Protocols of S5750E and CS6200 have completely met the standard of IETF RFC, and their consistency and intercommunity has been verified by authorities.

S5750E serial interchanger is a green and smart safety 10-gigabit access interchanger developed by DCN. It supports dual-link redundant backup with the advanced green and environment protection technology; thereby, it may realize 10-gigabit high bandwidth virtualization extension, a solution of gigabit to desktop with high performance, easy management and low cost. CS6200 serial interchanger is a high-performance Inv6 10-gigabit routing switch with the latest DCNOS modularized operation system of DCN. It is capable of PoE + full load access and 10-gigabit uplink; in addition, with the various combinations of redundant power supply, it supports , it is the right aggregation switch for education institutes, governments, operators, electric power suppliers, data centers and middle and small-sized enterprises with the high performance, full function, safety and reliability.


The IPv6 Ready Logo is issued by Global IPv6 Testing Center together with IPv6 Forum, strong and internationally-recognized evidence that a product meets the specification of IPv6 protocol and supports IPv6. To receive the IPv6 Ready Logo, a product needs to pass all the consistency and intercommunity tests of IPv6 and the test results will be subjected to the strict review of IPv6 Ready Logo Committee. This logo is recognized all over the world, an evidence to prove that a product supports IPv6 and a powerful promoter for the commercialized large-scale deployment of IPv6 around the world.


For more information about products certified by IPv6 Ready Logo, click “Read the Full Article” to visit the official website of Global IPv6 Testing Center or follow the Sina microblog “Global IPv6 Testing Center”.


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Digital China Achieved Annual Revenue CNY 81.858 Billion and Year-on-year Increase 187.41% in 2018

On the evening of March 26, 2019, Digital China Group Co., Ltd. (“Digital China” for short; stock code: 000034.SZ) released its 2018 Annual Performance Report. During the reporting period, Digital China’s annual revenue in 2018 reached CNY 81.858 billion, achieving a year-on-year increase of 31.57%; and the net profit after deduction of non-recurring gains and losses was CNY 472 million, achieving a year-on-year increase of 39.97%. It is particularly noteworthy that Digital China’s cloud computing revenue in 2018 represented a year-on-year increase of 187.41%. In general, during the past year, Digital China has obtained strong growth in revenue, steady enhancement in performance and significant improvement in structure.

Improving capacity and rapidly accumulating core value of cloud business

In the turbulent domestic cloud service market, people always keep a close eye on Digital China. According to the 2018 Annual Performance Report, Digital China was rapidly developing its cloud business and rapidly accumulating the core value of such business, which can be demonstrated by the year-on-year growth rate, gross profit margin and regular customers. The future development deserves greater expectations from the capital market.

In terms of cloud managed service (MSP), Digital China has become a cloud-based operation and maintenance service provider for several outstanding enterprises in the automotive and retail industries, and provides its clients with services and solutions such as MSP, Internet of Vehicles, Big Data Platform, digital marketing, and intelligent robot training. It is the general agent of Azure Stack in the Beijing and Shanghai markets and one of the first partners of Microsoft China and is comprehensively strengthening its cooperation with Alibaba Cloud, AWS and Huawei Cloud in the hybrid cloud field. Digital China has cooperated with IBM to establish cloud computing customer experience centers in Beijing and Guangzhou, where IBM Cloud Private has been introduced to provide a full range of services for partners and customers. In addition, Digital China has signed proprietary cloud project contracts with Guodu Securities Co., Ltd. with a total price of CNY 100 million, to provide 10-year dedicated cloud-based customized operation of the customer’s core system following the high standard of the financial securities industry.

In terms of digital solutions (ISV), Digital China has provided highly reproducible digital solutions based on technologies such as Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence for the majority of its customers including the world’s top 500 enterprises in the retail, fast-moving, automotive industries, etc. For example, the Intelligent Management Cloud Platform of Digital China “Imcloud” has provided public cloud and private cloud services for more than 1,000 schools and hotels and nearly 10,000 SMEs in China. provides the “Cloud – Pipeline – Terminal”, a complete enterprise-level video communication service, which can help enterprises in improving their communication efficiency and making quick decisions. The SaaS product Clouds Service Management (CSM) independently developed by Digital China is an OOTB product that realizes agile deployment of public and private clouds. For the purpose of supporting the CSM product, Digital China has also launched a virtual service robot Luma, a robot specially designed for service management with natural language processing and machine learning abilities, and provides professional services to various clients such as OnStar.

In terms of cloud resale service (AGG), Digital China can cooperate, as a senior partner, with the main cloud services, AI/IoT and big data providers both at home and abroad, to provide the most abundant cloud computing and digital related resources and products on the market, including public cloud resources, private cloud/hybrid cloud platforms, SaaS, AI and Big Data as well as other emerging technologies and applications, so as to provide customers with one-stop, diverse information exchange and resale services. In the past year, another 300 channel partners cooperated with Digital China in AGG and value-added services.

Empowering partners and establishing new cloud ecosystem

In the DT era, the ability to build a cloud ecosystem has become an important benchmark for measuring industry leaders and has received great attention from the capital market. Based on the analysis of the Annual Report, the “To B” Channel Network of Digital China has the widest domestic coverage (covering more than 1,000 cities in China), the largest ecological scale (covering more than 30,000 channel partners), and the highest operational efficiency (inventory turnover rate and capital cost as well as other operational efficiency index considerably higher than average standard of the industry ), providing strong support for the rapid expansion of its cloud computing business and laying a solid foundation for the construction of Digital China cloud ecosystem.

Recently, Digital China has entered into strategic cooperation with MBCloud and BAIC BluePark Information Technology Co., Ltd., and has begun to offer professional cloud services for the financial and automotive industries. At the Huawei China Eco-Partner Conference 2019, Digital China signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Bank of Beijing, whereby Digital China will acquire the first batch of 3 billion + 3 billion comprehensive credit line and special credit, effectively enhancing its ability to empower the ecological partners in the field of capital and financial services. With the continuous deepening and upgrading of the Huawei Strategy, the cooperation between Digital China and Huawei has moved to various areas such as consumption, finance, smart cities, and cloud computing. At the same time, Digital China has also become the general distributor of Alibaba Cloud, and has begun to explore the new generation model of cloud resources resale. In the future, Digital China will fully empower its partners through products, technologies, solutions, value-added services, funds and other dimensions to truly achieve synergy, mutual benefit and win-win results, and will open a new era of cloud ecological cooperation.

Digital economy approaching critical point of booming, bright future for Digital China

According to the IDC report, by 2021, more than 50% of the world’s economy will be digital economy, and for China, this figure will be 55% (currently only 32%), showing that the digital economy is approaching the critical point of booming. Remembering the mission of creating “Digitalized China”, Digital China has been strengthening its technical service capabilities and resource aggregation capabilities in the fields of cloud computing and big data since it announced its decision to comprehensively turn to the cloud field in 2017. In 2018, Digital China presented brilliant performance to the capital market.

In 2019, Digital China will actively grasp the opportunities brought by the development of the digital economy, and will comprehensively mobilize its superior resources of technology, customers and channels. While maintaining stable and healthy growth of the overall operation, it will actively expand its business areas, strengthen technical capacity construction, expand the technical team, and further strengthen the industry-and-customer-oriented marketing system, so as to build a new cloud ecosystem and achieve rapid growth of cloud services and digitalized business.

IPv 6 is Shaping the Future

The boundless computer network is like a dark ocean in which tons of data drift like plankton; however, the IP, like a beacon, positions the two ends of the flow of information to manifest the value of data, and regulates communication to make interconnection possible.

Under this framework, the network flourishes, and the mobile internet becomes the favorite of the new era for it obviously expands the boundaries of the network, therefore a new generation of communication technology emerges in response. During the seventh round of China-US high-level economic and trade consultations, Donald J. Trump, the President of the United States, tweeted, “I want 5G, and even 6G, technology in the United States as soon as possible. It is far more powerful, faster, and smarter than the current standard. American companies must step up their efforts, or get left behind. There is no reason that we should be lagging behind on something that is so obviously future. I want the United States to win through competition, not by blocking out currently more advanced technologies. We must always be the leader in everything we do, especially when it comes to the very exciting world of technology. ”

As we all know, China leads the world in 5G and even 6G technologies. The development of 5G may further satisfy the demands of rapid popularization of intelligent terminals and the rapid development of the mobile internet. The Internet of things is coming at a far quicker pace, which brings new requirements for the network environment such as larger address space, better security, mobility and service quality. Hence it is necessary to change the traditional dynamic IP to the solid-state IP, and the IPv4 will face huge challenges. More and more intelligent terminals enter the cyber world and seek for their own beacons, and the IPv6 will be able to meet these needs well. As the basic protocol of 5G and the Internet of things, the IPv6 will greatly promote the network efficiency. While 5G technology provides super fast mobile internet, the IPv6, an infinite address resource, will assign an exclusive address to each intelligent terminal, which will efficiently support the innovation and growth in relevant areas, continuously bring out new technologies and industries and make our life more informationized and intelligent.

As the forerunner and practitioner in the IPv6 field of China, Digital China, relying on its sub-brand DCN, has been studying IPv6 technology and engaged in research and development of relevant products since 2002 and continuously maintains the advantages in the industry. In 2004, Digital China launched the first IPv6 switch in China. In 2005, DCN full-line switching and routing products were the first to pass the IPv6 Ready Gold Logo certification. In 2008, DCN network products passed IPv6 Ready Gold Logo certification (extended), and exclusively passed DHCPv6 IPv6 SNMP testing, thus becoming a manufacturer of IPv6 network devices that has the most complete domestically certified products, which are certified relatively early, and deploys its products widely at a commercial level.

Owing to its strengths in IPv6 technology and products as the first mover, DCN has taken part in national key projects over the past decade. DCN constructed 30% of the nodes including 4 core nodes such as Tsinghua University in the CNGI Customer Premise Network Project in 2007, and continued to construct 30% of the customer premise network in the CNGI Customer Premise Network Project Phase II in 2009. In 2011, Digital China constructed the networks for 30% of the network in CAS’s NGI Project. Moreover, in the world’s largest pure IPv6 network project (CERNET2), DCN provided products and technical services for over 20 universities including Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Wuhan University, and South China University of Technology.

“From the computing network to the network computability, the development of information brings more demands for the IPv6,” Guo Wei, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Digital China. According to Guo, Digital China, as the first to conduct the research and development on IPv6 and maintains the strengths as the first mover in IPV6 technology, concepts and products, will continue to help customers realize digital transformation and provide them with better products and services in the next era of IPV6 and 5G.


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DCN Workshop Day in Moscow by March 19, 2019

On March 19, 2019, the first DCN Workshop Day was held at CompTek Training Center in Moscow, which was conducted by DCN and CompTek’s engineers.

Digital China Networks (DCN) is one of the largest Chinese manufacturers of equipment for data transmission networks, and it’s quite natural, that the discussion focused on the main market trends, on ways to increase profitability, and on new DCN solutions that were demonstrated to the audience. Due to the high relevance of the problem of earning opportunities with low ARPU in Russian SP sector, the topic aroused deep interest and lively discussion. The partners showed the greatest interest in new wireless solutions and their capabilities.

More than 30 leading TOP  Moscow’s resellers and system integrators took part in the DCN Workshop Day, they showed a keen interest on working with us. After the official meeting,  a joint lunch and informal discussion of our mutual projects has been organised in one of the popular Moscow’s restaurant.


Open a global Cloud era ︱ DCN’s Imcloud and IPv6 Attract Great Attention at Convergence India 2019

The 27th Convergence India 2019 was held in New Delhi on January 29 to 31. With the strong support by the Indian Ministry of Telecommunication, the Ministry of Information Technology, and the Ministry of Broadcasting and Information, Convergence India, the largest fair of communication in India, has attracted high attention and active participation from more and more people in the industry in recent years. Altogether 650 exhibitors from 32 countries gathered at the fair, discussing and dreaming for the future. Digital China DCN appeared at Convergence India 2019 with its ImCloud and IPv6 series products, which had attracted great attention from the participants.

At this fair, ImCloud, a smart cloud management platform from DCN, has caught the participants’ eyes in the industry with its quick launching of business, support for a plurality of tenants, and very high cost performance. Moreover, its easy configuration interface and rich data presentation were highly recognized by the Indian market.

ImCloud supports seamless expansion of the number of online devices and the number of end users through a variety of flexible deployment according to the actual demands of customers. ImCloud can provide a stable operating platform for end users; a group of ImCloud devices can develop a cluster, working in parallel, and sharing business loads, thus ensuring stable operation for users’ services. AP devices can manage and deliver device configuration information via ImCloud in a unified manner, and the operating status of all AP devices are displayed graphically. IT personnel can control the operation of the whole network by viewing the graphical representations and related data, which provide strong support for network maintenance and optimization.

Today, ImCloud has been engaged in many projects in India and has kicked off its deployment and tests in other countries such as Russia, Turkey and Indonesia. Digital China DCN will keep pace with the times and plan a new development pattern to promote the strategic transformation, aiming to push more cloud products to the global market.

Thanks to tireless efforts, DCN has not only expanded its influence in the Indian market day by day, made a great contribution to the development of “Digital India”, but also showed the whole world “auspicious clouds of technology” from the East, as well as the leading power of eastern technologies in the future.



Digital China DCN opens a global era of cloud.


The future is coming!


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